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Technical Terms

Sequence is a sequence of successive actions. Sequential control system refers to the control for successively advancing each step of a control procedure according to a predetermined order or an order determined according to a fixed logic.

For example, a washing machine has presetting modes selectable in advance and proceeds with washing, rinsing, and dehydration in specific methods. This is unlike an air conditioner that keeps the room temperature constant and controls the operation by feedback based on information sent from the sensor.
A washing machine is not controlled by feedback but performs in a series of predetermined operation modes, which is some kind of a sequence control.

For developing advanced solutions and flexibility of the production system, Matsusada Precision provides a broad lineup of programmable DC power supplies, Bipolar amplifiers, and DC electronic loads employing effective sequential programs; pulse sequence, ramp sequence, step control, and other programs. Furthermore, Matsusada's products are suited to your various purposes and applications, including models featuring advanced program functions with detailed output patterns and complex sequence settings without a computer.

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