Discontinued Products

The following products have ended.

Discontinued products are supported by seven years after discontinued.

Certain support is available even after seven years. As for the parts availability, we might not be able to meet your request even before the period.

For more information, contact us from here.

End of Sales Model Name Successor
September, 2021 R4GE/R3GE series R4G/R4GN series
July, 2021 TK series -
March, 2021 Precision CT7400 -
January, 2021 VOL series PVCE series
January, 2021 DOD series -
November, 2020 ECG series -
November, 2020 URL series -
November, 2020 RX5000 series -
September, 2020 DOM series -
September, 2020 KP series PBR series
September, 2020 KPE series PBR series
August, 2020 RG series R4G series
February, 2016 HPMS-2.7N series -