X-ray Inspection Systems

Matsusada Precision offers a variety of X-ray non-destructive inspection equipment. Based on our unique technology, we provide X-ray non-destructive inspection equipment that can observe the inside non-destructively, mainly in the fields related to electronic devices.

Benchtop X-ray Inspection Systems (Top View Type)

It is a small benchtop-type X-ray inspection system that can observe the inside of an object non-destructively. Matsusada Precision's high-voltage power supply technology has realized a compact size unrivaled by other companies. We have a lineup of various benchtop X-ray inspection equipment. That is from inexpensive models with mini-focus X-ray tubes to high-performance models with micro-focus X-ray tubes that enable high-resolution, high-quality observation.

X-ray Inspection Systems (Top View Type)

It is a general-purpose X-ray transmission inspection system that allows non-destructive observation of the inside of an object at high magnification. Since these X-ray systems have a large stage, they can handle samples of all sizes, such as large printed circuit boards. In addition, it is equipped with a motorized stage so that you can easily observe what you want to see, and with models that support tilting cameras and rotary tables, you can scan 360 degrees from an angle. Matsusada Precision's unique microfocus X-ray technology realizes higher-definition images than other companies.

Micro CT Scanners (Side View Type)

Micro-CT, Industrial X-ray CT scanners, or X-ray microscopes allow non-destructive inspection of internal structures. Industrial CT scan systems use microfocus X-ray sources to produce high-definition X-ray images even with magnification, thus creating highly accurate Computed Tomography (CT) images.
Matsusada Precision's proprietary microfocus X-ray technology enables 3D visualization of minute internal structures of semiconductors, batteries, electronic components and substrates, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, biological samples, packaging, containers, plastic and other resin molded and cast products, metal parts, and more.

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X-ray Inspection Systems

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