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Provide our customers faster with better and more innovative solutions

Quick and flexible design

At the current level of power supply design, high performance, high reliability products are a matter of course. In addition, the speed with which new designs can be realized is an essential part of meeting customer expectations. Our specialized knowledge has allowed us to produce almost 10,000 different models, including both standard and custom products.
We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to any specification requirements using the most up-to-date 3D CAD/CAM design tools. Even a highly specialized printed circuit board can be completed within a few hours. Our unequaled experience and capabilities enable us to complete new designs in the shortest time possible, without compromising inspection and test procedures at each step.
This ability to rapidly complete a project contributes significantly to reducing our customers' development cycle for new products.

MAtsusada Advanced Production System (MAAPS)

Just like the world famous production system employed by Toyota, Matsusada Precision is building its own production system to push efficiency beyond current day expectations.
The assembly, mounting, and inspection processes for transformers and printed circuit board are fully automated. The power supply assembly lines using these processes have the flexibility to produce one unit or one thousand units, and these production lines can be changed overnight to produce power supplies that have a completely different shape and electrical characteristics. Matsusada Precision has 19 of these flexible lines.
This gives us the capacity to cope with sudden changes in production requirements and still operate the lines so that the whole factory runs at optimum efficiency, allowing our customers to plan their production with the confidence that we can always respond to their needs. Using Matsusada Precision power supplies, customers can be confident they will be able to maintain high product quality and reliability while reducing production costs.

Total quality control

The Matsusada Precision production process begins with the inspection of all parts, and continues with assembled modules. Thorough testing and inspection of all finished products completes the process.
High quality and reliability are absolutely guaranteed. In most cases, the completed items are inspected and aged using automated measurement processes. Our high level of quality is not only maintained by extensive test and inspection procedures, but also by continuously reviewing every production step, including planning, design, and production processes. We take the utmost care to monitor and perfect each process.