Bidirectional DC Power Supplies (Regenerative DC Power Supplies)

A bidirectional power supply (regenerative DC power supply) is a power supply that functions as both a DC power supply and a DC electronic load in a single unit and regenerates power to the AC power source side during the electronic load operation. Matsusada Precision's bidirectional DC power supplies employ state-of-the-art semiconductor devices and air-through circuit block technology to provide "compact" and "high-power" regenerative DC power supplies with high efficiency.
You can use it for a wide range of applications, including the evaluation of inverters, DC-DC converters, motors, and onboard battery chargers (OBC) for hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, and electric motorcycles, as well as V2H devices and power conditioners for photovoltaic cell and wind power generators. The bidirectional power supply combines power supply and electronic load functions, allowing charge/discharge testing of car batteries and household storage batteries without switching connections. In addition, it can simulate battery charging and discharging and can be used as a battery simulator (standard feature).

DC Power Supplies

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