X-ray Power Supplies and X-ray Generators

An X-ray power supply, also called an X-ray power source, is a power supply unit that integrates a high-voltage power supply and a filament power supply for an X-ray tube. Matsusada Precision's X-ray power supplies are compatible with all types of X-ray tubes, including cathode-grounded X-ray tubes, anode-grounded X-ray tubes, and X-ray tubes with bipolar connections.
An X-ray generator, also called an X-ray source unit, combines an X-ray tube, a high-voltage power supply, and a filament power supply into a single unit, eliminating the need for a high-voltage cable between the X-ray tube and the high-voltage power supply, making it easy to handle.
Matsusada precision's high-quality and reliable X-ray power supplies and x-ray generators are used in x-ray analyzers, x-ray foreign object inspection systems, x-ray non-destructive testing systems, baggage inspection systems, roentgen systems, etc., around the world.
We introduce Matsusada Precision's standard X-ray power supplies and X-ray generators on this page. Please feel free to contact us if you need to select an X-ray source product that best meets your application needs or if you need specifications that are not covered by our standard products. Customization and modifications OEM are possible.

X-ray Power Supplies

X-ray Generator units (X-Ray Sources, X-ray Modules)

X-ray Power Supplies and X-ray Generators

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