• XKg series
  • XKg series


For Cathode Ground Type X-ray Tube

  • Positive polarity high voltage output
  • Voltage range: 30 to 160kV
  • Current: 0.21 to 67mA
  • Power: 15 to 4000W


XKg series is high stability and low ripple positive X-ray power supply with integrated filament supply and generates stable x-ray output. Interlock and useful function are installed for safer and convenient operation. Combination with optical communication adapter, control via LAN, USB, GPIB, RS-232C, and RS-485 is available.


  • High voltage power supplies designed for X-ray tubes used in X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis and X-ray Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Maximum 4 kW output power
  • For cathode ground type X-ray tube
  • Integrated filament supply
  • Low ripple and high stability
  • Digital interface
  • Constant voltage/current operation with full protection for safety operation
  • OEM and customize option available
  • Closed loop emission control



XRF X-ray tube, Liquid-cooled X-ray tubes, Shielded X-ray tube, Molded X-ray tube, Glass X-ray tube, Beryllium window X-ray tube, Ceramics X-ray tube.
About X-ray tubes and high-voltage power supplies


Model Output
Voltage Current Power
XKg-30P0.5 30 kV 0.5 mA 15 W
XKg-30P1 1 mA 30 W
XKg-30P2 2 mA 60 W
XKg-30P3.3 3.3 mA 100 W
XKg-40P0.5 40 kV 0.5 mA 20 W
XKg-40P0.75 0.75 mA 30 W
XKg-40P1.5 1.5 mA 60 W
XKg-40P2.5 2.5 mA 100 W
XKg-40P3.75 3.75 mA 150 W
XKg-50P0.6 50 kV 0.6 mA 30 W
XKg-50P1.2 1.2 mA 60 W
XKg-50P2 2 mA 100 W
XKg-50P3 3 mA 150 W
XKg-50P4 4 mA 200 W
XKg-60P0.5 60 kV 0.5 mA 30 W
XKg-60P1 1 mA 60 W
XKg-60P1.6 1.6 mA 100 W
XKg-60P2.5 2.5 mA 150 W
XKg-60P50 50 mA 3000 W
XKg-60P67 67 mA 4000 W
XKg-80P0.37 80 kV 0.37 mA 30 W
XKg-80P0.75 0.75 mA 60 W
XKg-80P1.25 1.25 mA 100 W
XKg-80P1.87 1.87 mA 150 W
XKg-80P40 40 mA 3200 W
XKg-80P50 50 mA 4000 W
XKg-100P0.3 100 kV 0.3 mA 30 W
XKg-100P0.6 0.6 mA 60 W
XKg-100P1 1 mA 100 W
XKg-100P1.5 1.5 mA 150 W
XKg-100P3 3 mA 300 W
XKg-120P0.25 120 kV 0.25 mA 30 W
XKg-120P0.5 0.5 mA 60 W
XKg-120P0.83 0.83 mA 100 W
XKg-120P1.25 1.25 mA 150 W
XKg-120P2.5 2.5 mA 300 W
XKg-140P0.21 140 kV 0.21 mA 30 W
XKg-140P0.42 0.42 mA 60 W
XKg-140P0.71 0.71 mA 100 W
XKg-140P1.07 1.07 mA 150 W
XKg-140P2.14 2.14 mA 300 W
XKg-160P0.62 160 kV 0.62 mA 100 W
XKg-160P0.93 0.93 mA 150 W
XKg-160P1.87 1.87 mA 300 W


For details, download the datasheet below.



Bias output
-300 V variable 2.5 mA


Interlock remote reset, Output state auto-recovery prevention
(former: power failure protection) remote reset


200 Vac to 240 Vac single phase (only for up to 300 W models)


200 Vac to 220 Vac single phase (only for 3000 W model)


Changing the output cable length to be 5 meters
(The high voltage output cable for 30kV to 60kV is 5 meters instead of 2.5 meters.)

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. in the following order by alphabet and input voltage to Model No.
Option code is ordered alphabetically and by input voltage value.
Example: XKg-160P1.87-LBT1(200V) with CNXK-160-3P(5)



Model Cable Type Power Input End Input Plug Rated Voltage Rated Maximum
15 W to 300 W model
CABLE TYPE1 CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision 125 V / 10 A 2.5 meters
Fixed length
15 W to 300 W model
-L(200V) option
CABLE TYPE3 CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision 250 V / 10 A 2.5 meters
Fixed length
Sold separately
15 W to 300 W model
-L(200V) option
CABLE TYPE5 CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision 300 V / 25 A 2.5 meters
Sold separately
3000 W to 4000 W model
CABLE TYPE6 CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision 600 V / 25 A 2.5 meters
30 kV model
CN-30-MHVP CN-30-MHVP 2.5 meters
(Specified length
40 kV model
CN-45-MHVP CN-45-MHVP 2.5 meters
(Specified length
50 kV and 60 kV model
CN-60-MHVP CN-45-MHVP 2.5 meters
(Specified length
80 kV to 120 kV model
CN-120AR-MHVP CN-120AR-MHVP 2.5 meters
(Specified length
* Standard cable length is 2.5 meters. For 5 meter length, suffix(5) to the model number.
Example CN-120AR-MHVP(5)
Sold separately
140 kV and 160 kV model
CN-XK-160-3P cable length
(5): 5 meters
(10): 10 meters

For more details, refer to CN series.


Optical isolation adapters, utilize fiber optic cables for the digital communication, which enables extremely reliable communication even in noisy environments such as in factories and for long-distance control. By using optical fibers, they are electrically isolated, so safe operation is possible even in power supply configurations with potential differences.

CO/USB series | Digital control adapter | Matsusada Precision
Control of high voltage power supplies via LAN, USB, RS-232C, RS-485, or GPIB.
Using fiber optical cables, the adapter for each interface is connected to CO-HV units. And with the dedicated control cable, the CO-HV units are connected to high voltage power supply AU series.
Number of unit
Up to 32 pairs with CO-HV unit and high voltage power supply are available. With GPIB, by setting the address, you can connect a maximum of 448 high voltage power supply units (14 addresses × 32 units).
The communication system is well suited for such situations where there is a distance between the computer and the high voltage power supply or noisy environments. Also, it is especially ideal for use in combination with DC power supplies. The standard cable length is two meters, and it can be optionally extended up to 40 meters.
Example of communication
 | Matsusada Precision

For details, download the datasheet below.


For details, download the datasheet below.


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