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X-rays, a type of electromagnetic wave, is related to infrared ray, ultraviolet ray, and light in the visible spectrum.

This image explains a variety of electromagnetic waves and those wavelengths.

Light can be blocked by an object so that it does not reach its destination. However, since X-rays have a short wavelength and a lot of energy, they can pass through the atoms and electrons that make up an object.

This action is due to penetration properties, and is used for X-ray images and non-destructive inspections: such as using an X-ray inspection system for fill level inspection and foreign material inspection.

In addition, cross-sectional images and stereoscopic images can be obtained from transmission images that are made through 360-degrees of rotation around the target object: X-ray CT. The X-ray tube units that generate X-rays are referred to by the following names depending on the focus size of the X-rays.

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