What is the tube voltage or acceleration voltage necessary for X-ray inspection systems?

X-Ray Inspection System

In order to select optimal X-ray inspection systems (of X-ray nondestructive inspection systems), firstly all you have to do is consider the components as well as thickness in terms of the tube voltage or acceleration voltage along with the inspected objects or samples.
The acceleration voltage of X-ray tube is a voltage applied between the anode (+) and the cathode (-) in X-ray tubes (vacuum tubes) to generate X-ray.
As the higher voltage is applied between the anode and the cathode, the penetration in X-ray gets stronger.
On the other hand, regarding the inspected objects, the penetration amount of X-ray is related with the element and thickness consisting of the inspected objects.
Thus, as the element number is getting larger, the penetration amount is deteriorated.
In regard with the relation between tenth value layer of a typical substance (resulting in one-tenth penetration amount of X-ray) and acceleration voltage, please refer to the X-ray Penetration (with tenth value layer) in listing below.
In fact, the observation objects mainly consist of composite materials instead of a single element. There are also possibilities of expansion or attenuation related to the position of X-ray tube, observation object (sample) or detector. Taking all factors into consideration, it should be noted that the values are provided as your reference.
In addition, The X-ray to radiate is a white X-ray which has a various kind of energies (or wavelength) under acceleration voltage, and it has an impact on the sensitivity of tube current or detector.
While we provide you the information above as reference, it is recommended that you conduct the voltage test using actual machine.
We also offer the sample measurement and the demonstration as of our products aiming to install X-ray inspection systems, so please feel free to contact us.

X-ray Penetration (with tenth value layer)
Irradiation Object
Acceleration Voltage of X-ray Tube Polyethylene ( PE ) Aluminum Iron
10kV 12.0 0.3 -
20kV 58.0 2.6 0.1
30kV 92.5 7.9 0.4
40kV 110.0 15.6 0.8
50kV 120.1 24.1 1.5
60kV 127.1 31.9 2.5
70kV 132.0 36.9 3.3
80kV 137.3 43.9 5.0
90kV 141.3 47.6 6.2
100kV 145.6 52.0 8.0
110kV 148.8 54.0 8.9
120kV 152.2 56.3 9.9
130kV 155.7 58.7 11.2
140kV 159.3 61.4 12.9
150kV 163.2 64.3 15.2
160kV 166.0 65.8 16.1
170kV 169.0 67.3 17.0
180kV 172.1 68.9 18.0
190kV 175.2 70.6 19.2
200kV 178.5 72.4 20.5

Unit: mm

X-ray Inspection Systems

X-Ray Inspection System