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Electronic Loads

Electronic load is a circuit using FETs or transistors which has the same function as the resistors or real loads. See "What is an Electronic Load (Basic Knowledge)" for details.

Matsusada Precision offers a wide variety of products including ultra-compact electronic loads, multifunctional electronic loads with built-in sequencing functions, high-density high-power electronic loads, and high-performance electronic loads that can operate over 30 units in parallel by master-slave connections. Besides, power supplies with electronic loads and regenerative DC power supplies (bidirectional power supplies) functions is available.

The electronic loads are ideal for development and evaluation testing of primary cell /secondary cell (rechargeable battery) and power supplies, life tests, aging, and loads of DC-DC converters and inverters. The product features superior functions (load mode and sequence control) and you can use the high performance product more easily.

DC type

Bidirectional, Regenerative type

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Electronic Loads

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