Tech Tips

Electronic loads are load devices that can be set to the desired resistance value.

This image is a circuit shows how to use an electronic load.

Internally, they are made up of a combination of semiconductor elements. Since the repeated and rapid changing of loads is not possible by human hands, electronic loads is used to evaluate batteries and power supplies.

Operating Modes of Electronic Loads

Constant current (CC) operation

The unit operates at the current value that is set. Even if the terminal voltage changes during operation, the current will remain constant.

This graph explains constant current(CC) operation.

Constant voltage (CV) operation

The unit operates at the voltage value that is set. Even if the terminal current changes while discharging, the voltage will remain constant.

This graph explains Constant voltage (CV) operation.

Constant resistance (CR) operation

The unit operates at the resistance value that is set. The value of the terminal voltage is measured, and is used to determine the value of the current for discharging according to the set value.

This graph explains Constant resistance (CR) operation.

Constant power (CP) operation

The unit operates at the power value that is set. If the terminal voltage changes while discharging, a constant level of power can be consumed according to the change.

This graph explains Constant power (CP) operation.

Example of the Use of Electronic Loads

Ideal for evaluation testing for DC motors on automobiles

Our REK Series of DC power supplies can be combined with our EHD Series to recover regenerative power from motors in order to evaluate motors without damaging the ECU or power supplies.

This is an example of a connection diagram for a validation test of a power steering motor with PRK series and EHD/EHHD series.

Electronic load with regenerative function

Recently, it is also used as a DC electronic load with a regenerative function and regenerative power supply that regenerates load power to a commercial power system. We have extensive models of the regenerative electronic load and the regenerative DC power supply.

Charge and discharge power supply for battery inspection

Electronic loads are also used for battery charge and discharge tests. We have extensive models of CD series and CDPU series, which are a charge/discharge power supplies that can be used for repeated tests of charging and discharging various rechargeable batteries.