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Micro CT Scanners (Side View Type)

Micro CT scanners are X-ray micro-tomography, also known as industrial X-ray CT scanners or X-ray microscopes, which allow nondestructive inspection of internal structures. Industrial CT scan systems use microfocus X-ray sources to produce high-definition X-ray images even with magnification, thus creating highly accurate Computed Tomography (CT) images. Matsusada Precision's X-ray CT scanning system is a cone-beam CT system that places the object to be inspected on a turntable, irradiates X-rays from the side, and captures X-ray vision images at different angles while rotating the object little by little. The high-performance computer reconstructs (calculates) X-ray images to rapidly generate computed tomography (CT) images. The reconstructed CT data is volume-rendered by dedicated software, and multiplanar reconstruction (MPR) displays cross-sectional and three-dimensional images in three directions. Application software for CT imaging allows arbitrary cross-sectional display, measurement, and reverse engineering.
Matsusada Precision offers the benchtop precision μB4500, the precision CT9600, which allows anyone to efficiently perform CT imaging with fully automatic settings, and the μRay8700/μRay8760, which can also scan large samples. Matsusada Precision's proprietary microfocus X-ray technology enables 3D visualization of minute internal structures of semiconductors, batteries, electronic components and substrates, electronic devices, pharmaceuticals, biological samples, packaging, containers, plastic and other resin molded and cast products, metal parts, and more.

X-ray Inspection Systems

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