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AC Power Sources

AC power is supplied from the power plant to the switchboards and outlets in homes, factories, and buildings. One of the features of AC power is switching the positive and negative sides in cycles of 50 Hz and 60 Hz. Products sold as AC Power Sources (AC power supplies) are AC to AC converters, used to supply different voltages and frequencies in different regions, stable voltage AC power supply, and to test for noise and momentary power loss.

Matsusada Precision provides High performance Programmable AC power sources (AC voltage and frequency converters) featuring a wide variety of functions and sufficiently high output in the compact size. Thanks to its original switching amplifier system, the power supplies achieved the compact design and high efficiency. We offer a lineup of various models that can output AC + DC, handle three-phase output, or generate a momentary power interruption. Furthermore, the power supplies are ideal for motor tests, Solar inverter (PV inverter) evaluations, various testing of AC input devices, production lines, or as affordable frequency converters.

For information on AC voltage and outlet shapes in different countries, see "To Supply Stable AC Power". Moreover, on the crest factor which indicates the quality of AC power, see "What is the Crest Factor?".

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AC Power Sources

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