• DRJE series | AC power source Benchtop | Matsusada Precision
  • DRJE series | AC power source Benchtop | Matsusada Precision

Ultra-Compact Benchtop AC Power Source

Achieves excellent cost performance

  • AC:
    0 to 150 V, 0 to 300 V
    500 VA/40 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Space saving
  • Outstanding cost performance
  • Universal outlet

The world's smallest class combining the space savings and high-quality output

The DRJE series is the world's smallest class of precision sine wave output, combining benchtop operation with the functionality of the SRA series rack mount multifunction AC power sources. This AC power source is a new type of AC power source that combines the space savings and high-quality output required in testing, evaluation, cell production, etc.
While offering high baseline performance and reliability as an AC power source, outstanding cost performance is achieved by carefully selecting the available features. Moreover, with a worldwide input compatible with a wide range of input voltages in a compact chassis, as well as outstanding operability, even novices can begin using it right away, anywhere in the world.

* Not compatible with applications that inject external power into the DRJE series or cause regenerative operation.

Main Applications

  • Experiments
  • Endurance testing
  • Evaluation and testing of AC-powered devices

Ultra-compact design

As it is a bipolar power supply that uses the switching amplifier method, its volume is approximately one-sixth of products that use the linear amplifier method, making it extremely compact.
In addition, its compact design with a width of only 140 mm and weight of approximately 5 kg allows it to be used anywhere. It is also equipped with a handle as standard, making it easy to carry.

Ultra-compact design

Capable of a wide range of outputs

Compatibility with various AC input devices enables its use in a wide variety of applications.

  • Voltage: 0 to 150 Vac/0 to 300 Vac
  • Frequency: 40 to 400 Hz

Universal type outlet

The front panel is equipped with a universal outlet, convenient for the development and testing of products for overseas markets. Plugs for all countries can be used without an adapter.

Universal type outlet

Maximum peak current

It achieves a 20 A peak current (in Lo range).
It is capable of outputting up to 4 crest factors and is ideal for capacitor input load.

Maximum peak current
* Constant current output is also available for loads where you wish to limit the current. Contact a sales representative for details.


DRJE's front panel DRJE's rear panel
  1. POWER switch:
    POWER ON/OFF switch.
  2. OUTPUT button:
    Power source output ON/OFF switch. The lamp illuminates when output is ON.
  3. Status display:
    Indicates the status of each power supply.
    LOCK: Disables key operation.
    RANGE: Indicates the output range under each mode.
  4. Meter display:
    The power supply output value is indicated in TRUE RMS.
    Upper value: Indicates voltage.
    Lower value: Indicates current, power, or frequency, depending on the setting. In addition, fault items are indicated in the text when protective functions are activated.
  5. Control key:
    An easy way to operate frequently used functions.
  6. Rotary encoder:
    Sets the voltage/frequency or protection memory functions.
  7. Output outlet: This outlet is compatible with the plugs of every country.
  8. Output terminal block
  9. Input inlet:
    The input voltage is automatically switched between 90 to 132 V and 180 to 250 V. It supports worldwide input and has a built-in power factor improvement circuit.
  1. Switch RANGE: Switches the output voltage range. (H⇔L)
  2. DC/AC: (Not used)
  3. Voltage/frequency:
    Switches between voltage/frequency setting mode.
    Switches the setting mode for each protection function.
  5. Arrow keys:
    Allows rapid setting by changing between digits when entering numbers.
  6. Arrow keys:
    Allows rapid setting by changing between digits when entering numbers.
  7. Switch DISPLAY:
    Switches between frequency, current, and power indications in sequence.
  8. Memory:
    Switches between memory recall mode and memory storage mode.
    ENTER function is used to determine memory mode. Also used to LOCK the operation system.


Model Lo range
(0 to 150 V)
Hi range
(0 to 300 V)
DRJE500 Maximum output power 500 VA
Maximum output current 5.00 A 2.50 A


The DRJE series is not suitable for use with devices that "return generated power to AC lines" or "directly connect to the commercial grid", such as solar inverters (PV inverters) used in photovoltaic power generation or fuel cells. For combinations with such devices, please use our high-speed four-quadrant bipolar power supplies.


For details, download the datasheet below.


-LNh: No handle

Will not be equipped with a handle for carrying.

Can also be mounted in a 19-inch rack using a dedicated rack mount adapter (model: RMO-133H-DRJ ). Contact a sales representative for details.

How to Order

To order, please add the above option codes to the model number.

[Example] DRJE500-LNh


AC input cable


125 V/10 A


250 V/10 A
Sold separately


250 V/10 A
Sold separately



For details, download the datasheet below.


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