Tech Tips

Principle of CT

CT is an abbreviation for Computed Tomography. When creating a tomographic image with this method, a continuous section image is obtained by using a specific algorithm to process a fluoroscopic image that was obtained by rotating a sample 360 degrees (or 180 degrees for a half scan). This continuous sectional image is used to obtain the required sectional images or stereoscopic images. The finer the feed angle of the sample, the finer the tomographic image that can be obtained.

This image introduces CT method.

2D and 3D Analysis Software

Although only projection images can be obtained with a fluoroscope, a CT unit can be used to obtain 3D images. You can obtain a tomographic image of any surface of a 3D image. This method makes it possible to view areas that are difficult to see in two-dimensional fluoroscopic images, and to measure volume.

This is the operation screen of 2D and 3D analysis software