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The X-ray focus size affects blur in an image.
When scanning an IC as shown in the photographs, the image with a smaller focus size seems clearer.

the image with a smaller focus size

Small focal size

the image with a larger focus size

Large focal size

The X-ray sources that are used for X-ray photography equipment in medical institutions have focus sizes in units of millimeters. They are called milli-focus X-ray sources. Generally, the smaller the focus, the higher the resolution of fluoroscopy. Higher resolution produces finer fluoroscopy images.

Same as milli-focus X-ray sources, X-ray sources with a focus size in units of microns are called micro-focus X-ray sources. They are used for fluoroscopy where high resolution is required.

This image explains the X-ray focus size affects blur in an image.

When trying to make judgments based on visual information, there is a clear difference between systems that use high resolution and those that do not. High-resolution micro-focus X-rays produce clear images, which make it easier to find small defects and abnormalities in parts, materials, and food.

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