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An X-ray inspection system can be used to inspect internal structures and defects that are not visible from the outside, without destroying the object (non-destructive inspection). Matsusada Precision offers an extensive lineup ranging from compact, high-precision desktop models to large, high-penetration models. The key to choosing the correct model is to determine the sample size and how to inspect the sample. Use the information on this page to find the best model based on a variety of conditions and your intended use.

Keys to Choosing an X-ray Inspection System

Search by Intended Use

Matsusada Precision's Micro-focus X-ray inspection systems can be used for various non-destructive inspections in any field. Some of the available models are introduced on this page. Click the image for your intended use.

Electrical and electronic applications

Metal processing applications

Medical research, medicine, and biological applications

Resin processing applications

Automotive applications

Automobile components

  • sensor
  • valve
  • oil filter
  • drive shaft
  • injector etc...
car image

Search by Tube Voltage

Matsusada Precision offers X-ray inspection systems with a wide range of tube voltage from 20 to 130 kV. Tube voltage refers to the voltage applied to the X-ray tube. The total intensity of the X-rays that are generated increases in proportion to the square of the tube voltage.

Increasing the tube voltage shortens the wavelength of X-rays, making it easier for the X-rays to penetrate the sample. On the other hand, setting a low tube voltage often improves the contrast for samples of light elements.

Tube voltage [kV]Model
40 to 130 µRay8400
30 to 90 µnRay7600
30 to 90 µnRay7900/7900F
(Japanese site)
30 to 90 µRay8000
20 to 80 µB3500
20 to 60 µB1600

Search by Stage type

Choose the best stage type according to sample size and workspace. For example, to thoroughly inspect a small sample, choose a model with a small stage size. To inspect a large sample or multiple small samples, choose a model with a large stage size. Moreover, the stage can be rotated and tilted to perform fluoroscopy at various angles.

XY stage Rotating stage Model
Stage size [mm] Stroke
Xs x Ys [mm]
Rotation [kW] Tilt
X400 x Y400 400 x 400 Optional Standard µRay8000
X350 x Y450 350 x 350 Standard Standard µRay8400
X260 x Y350 260 x 180 Optional Optional µnRay7600/7600F
X260 x Y350 260 x 180 Optional Optional µnRay7900/7900F (Japanese site)
Φ160 x H220 215 x 200 Standard None µB3500
X120 x Y120 120 x 120 Standard None µB1600

Recommended products

In addition, we offer a wealth of Optional for upgrading the system listed above to increase performance and make it easier to use. Our experienced staff will answer any inquiries you may have regarding non-destructive inspections using an X-ray system, as well as your intended use and desired specifications. Please contact us via the Contact page. Our staff will be happy to answer all of your questions.