Is a license required for usage of X-ray inspection system?

X-Ray Inspection System
  • To introduce an industrial X-ray inspection system in Japan, you must first file a notification.

The submission destination of the notification differs depending on whether you are a public organization or a private company.

If you are a central ministry, you must notify the National Personnel Authority within 30 days of installation.
If you are a public institution, you need to notify the personnel committee of each prefecture at least 30 days before the scheduled installation.
If you are a private company, you need to notify the Labor Standards Inspection Office of your jurisdiction at least 30 days before the planned installation.

Documents required for notification are
(1) "Notification of installation / relocation / change of machinery" (Form No. 20)
(2) "Radiation Equipment Summary" (Form No. 27)
(3) "Instruction manual for the controlled area" (drawing showing controlled area)

  • Do I need an X-ray work chief license to use X-ray equipment in Japan?

Whether it is necessary depends on the leaked X-ray dose of the X-ray device used and the time used.

In Japan, the dose limit for X-ray-controlled areas is 1.3 mSv / 3 months.
The dose limit is 0.1 mSv / week (100 μSv / week) if three months is 13 weeks, and 20 μSv / day if one week is five days.
Assuming that the maximum working time per day is 10 hours or less, if it is 2 μSv / hour or less, it will be below the dose limit of the controlled area, and it can be considered that the outside of the device will not be the X-ray controlled area.
  • Do I need special education to use X-ray equipment in Japan?

In Japan's Ionizing Radiation Hazard Prevention Regulations

"When a worker is assigned to take a transmission photograph using an X-ray device or a gamma-ray irradiation device, the worker must be given special education on the following subjects.
1. How to take a transparent photograph (X-ray)
2. Structure and handling method of X-ray device or gamma-ray irradiation device
3, the effect of ionizing radiation on living organisms
4. Related laws and regulations

Is written.

Of course, it is necessary for X-ray transmission photography work using film, but in the case of digitized X-ray transmission inspection equipment, it depends on the interpretation of the business operator whether it is applicable or not.

  • The rules depend on the country or region.

So, please contact our sales offices for details.

If the leaked X-ray dose of an industrial X-ray inspection system is 1 μSv / hour or less, the hurdle for introduction is not high in many countries and regions such as the United States, Mexico, Asian countries, and Europe.
Matsusada Precision's industrial X-ray inspection system has a leaked X-ray dose of 1 μSv / hour or less.

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