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Non-destructive testing is an inspection technique that enables us to check the internal conditions of mechanical parts and structures without destroying the object. X-rays and ultrasonic waves are injected into the object, and the resulting images and echoes are used to check for internal flaws and deterioration.

In non-destructive inspection systems that use X-rays, an X-ray tube is used as the device that generates the X-rays. In X-ray nondestructive inspection, X-rays generated from the X-ray tube are irradiated onto the object to be inspected, and a transmitted image is captured by an X-ray detector such as a FPD. From the images taken, defects, corrosion, deterioration, etc. are inspected.

In ultrasonic inspection, an ultrasonic generator is used. In the ultrasonic generator, a high-frequency voltage is applied to a piezoelectric element that expands and contracts depending on the voltage, and the vibrations are used to generate ultrasonic waves. In the ultrasonic testing, ultrasonic waves are applied to the object to be inspected and the reflected waves are measured for internal inspection.

Matsusada Precision offers a wide range of equipment for nondestructive testing, including not only X-ray nondestructive testing equipment but also high-voltage power supplies for X-ray tubes and high-frequency power supplies for driving piezoelectric elements.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
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