• µRay8600 series | X-ray Inspection System (Top View Type) | Matsusada Precision
  • µRay8600 series | X-ray Inspection System (Top View Type) | Matsusada Precision

Microfocus X-ray Inspection System

With the tiltable detector for large object transmission from any angles

  • Microfocus X-ray
  • Max X-ray Voltage: 90kV
  • Tiltable X-ray camera
  • CT Unit (option)

The solution for large product applications by wide space

Features and Benefits

Supporting for analysis work
Multipurpose fluoroscopy by tilting camera
User-friendly software
High-function software as standard equipment that can perform various image processing
Corresponding to CT Unit (option)
Easy scanning of tomographic images and stereoscopic images


Model X-ray generating unit Imaging unit Stage
Tube voltage Output power Focal spot size Vertical stroke Vertical Field size valid pixels Density resolution Monitor size Vertical stroke Tilting angle Sample stage
Size inches Withstand load X-Y stroke inches Moving operation
µRay8000 30 to 90 (kV) 18 W MAX 4 µm MIN 4.72 inches
(120 mm)
4.49 x 2.52 inches
(114 x 64 mm)
3 million pixels 14-bit 27 inches 9.25 inches
(235 mm)
60° X 15.75 x Y 15.75 inches
(400 x 400 mm)
5kg X: 15.75 inches (400 mm)
Y: 15.75 inches (400 mm)
Direction given by a mouse operation
(Joystick can be used at the same time.)
Geometric magnification info 3.1 to 38 times
Monitor magnification ratio 15 to 180 times
Inspection visual field (mm) 0.12 inches (3.0 mm) × 0.07 inches (1.7 mm) to 0.31 inches (8 mm) × 0.83 inches (21 mm)
Input voltage AC 100 V 50/60 Hz
Power consumption 1 kW (including computer)
Amount of X-ray leakage less than 1 µSv/hr
Weight of the main unit 800 kg


Speedy Many functions supporting for analysis work

Multipurpose fluoroscopy by tilting camera

By using the tilting camera, it has high possibility to be able to see some defective positions. It is easy to inspect some large products by looking any angles.

Multipurpose fluoroscopy by tilting camera 1
Multipurpose fluoroscopy by tilting camera 2

Turntable makes it easier to inspect these products. (-LR option)

Turntable effect

Controlling the inspection stage speedily by joystick controller

By using joystick controller, almost as if it is moved by hand. Also it can be moved quickly at the position and angle that you want.

Controlling the inspection stage speedily by joystick controller

User-friendly High performance of operability and user-usability

The possibility of better suitable posture

It can be used by both sitting posture and standing posture. It can be looked inside by huge window both sitting posture and standing posture.

The possibility of better suitable posture

Easy to insert and extract some products with large size

It is easy to insert and extract some products with large size of W: 20.07 inches x H: 21.26 inches window. Also the wide space can make working property excellent.

Easy to insert and extract some products with large size
The image that open the door to left in µRay8000

W: 20.07 x H: 21.26 inches (510 x 540 mm)

User-friendly operation, No expert required µRayVision2

µRay Vision2, the system’s dedicated software, not only makes controlling the stage and the X-ray beam easy, but also provides a variety of image processing and measurement functions.

User-friendly operation—No expert required µRayVision2

MDI system

The MDI system allows you to arrange different versions of a single image to compare the before and after effects of applying a filter or adjusting the contrast. You can also perform more precise positioning and move the stage while viewing a live image. By using the fixed pivot function to rotate the stage around the observation point and by holding down the mouse button during live feed in the direction you want the stage to move, you can manipulate the stage as required.

MDI system

CCD image display

You can reposition the stage can be positioned just by simply clicking the target point in the CCD image display area. More precise positioning is possible by using the enlarged CCD image.

CCD image display


Thumbnails of saved images are shown in each folder. These are helpful when selecting a saved image from the folder list to take measurements on it or to capture images from the same sample based on the imaging conditions used previously.


Easy and simple operation

The TEACHING function makes it easy to inspect predetermined points on multiple samples with the same shape.

This function improves inspection efficiency by automatically moving the stage to pre-registered points. Once the positional data has been stored, you can display images of exactly the same points on multiple samples with the same shape. Also, because settings such as the X- ray output value, the magnification rate, and the stop time can be configured individually for each point, any type of specimen can be handled.

The TEACHING function
The TEACHING function

The STITCHING function makes it easy to observe a single sample at a micro or macro level.

This function allows you to capture multiple X-ray images of areas of up to 15.75 x 15.75 inches (400 x 400 mm) for samples that would be too large to capture in a single image. You can also capture an X-ray image of a particular section of a large sample. In addition, once the images to be stitched together have been captured and saved, you can use the CLICK-TO CENTER function. To use this function, load the stitched image data and click the point you wish to view. The stage will automatically move to that point.

The STITCHING function

The IMAGE PROCESSING function allows you to highlight part of an image to make it clear to anyone

Display Range

Allows you to set an arbitrary gray level based on an image's histogram and then enhance the contrast manually.

Display Range

Allows you to set all values above the threshold to white and all values below it to black.


µRay 8000 provides more than ten different types of filters and image processing functions that enable more detailed image analysis. Applying a filter to a moving image enables you to perform real-time image analysis.


No specialist knowledge or qualifications required.

The µnRay series is equipped with numerous safety features, which means that anyone can use the system as soon as installation is complete.

Easy Latest ACC function

Just a single click required even for the first sample

The automatic contrast control (ACC) function selects the most suitable contrast setting for the image. No matter who is using the system, a high-definition X-ray image can be readily obtained.

µRay8000 series ACC function

Easy Imaging conditions replication function

Leveraging previously used conditions to simplify the process

By loading the imaging conditions file for a previously captured image, you can capture new images under the exact same conditions. This eliminates the risk of mistakes being made, regardless of who is using the system.

µRay8000 series Previous conditions

Easy Automatic aging function

Maintenance free

The system memorizes the time and date of use. The aging time is automatically selected based on how many hours have passed since that day to ensure optimum aging.

Safety Interlock function

The system stops emitting X-rays immediately if the door is opened.

Safety Auto-off function

In case you forget to turn off the X-ray source, the system automatically stops X-ray irradiation after a set time has elapsed.

Safety Emergency stop button

This button is to be used only in an emergency. It stops X-ray irradiation and stage movement immediately.


For details, download the datasheet below.



CT Unit: 2D/3D analysis software
A fluoroscope can only capture projection images, but a CT Unit can capture 3D images. A CT Unit can also capture tomographic images of the specified surface of a 3D image.

µnRay8000 series CT unit
Electrolytic capacitor

Language setting (English)
The language setting of the Instruction Manual attached to the product, OS, software is set to English. US keyboard is used.


Rotatable stage
Rotation stroke: 360°, Size: 320 mmΦ Withstand load: 1 kg


Change stage size
Changing XY stage size to X: 15.75 inches (400 mm) × Y: 23.62 inches (600 mm)


Changing the input voltage
Input voltage is changed to 110 V, 115 V, 120 V, 200 V, 220 V, 230 V, 240 V, or Vac ±10% by entering it in ***.

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. in the following order by alphabet, and number to Model No.
[Example] µRay8000-LCTNERS64(200V)

Optional items


Four-jaw chucking (-LCT option)
As the device has the shape of chuck jaws on the edge, it is useful to observe samples that are difficult to be fixed on the stage.
The device length varies according to the size of works, so for details, contact us.


Height adjustment stage [Size: 120 mm × 120 mm]
The stage helps you to raise its height, therefore, the sample can be closer to the X-ray camera for shooting, so you can take larger field images.


Height adjustment stage [Size: 120 mm × 140 mm]
The stage helps you to raise its height, therefore, the sample can be closer to the X-ray camera for shooting, so you can take larger field images.


Fields and Applications of X-ray Radiography Non-Destructive Testing

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
Tablets, Capsules, Catheters, Medical pouches, Foreign object in the face mask, Cosmetics
Automobiles and Electric Vehicles
Automotive components, Wire harness, Batteries, Molded plastic parts, Motor, Insert molded parts, Aluminum die casting, Sensor, Mating parts connection
Ball grid array (BGA), Integrated circuit (IC) chip, Connectors, Capacitors, LED, Relays, Printed circuit board (PCB), AC adapter, Light bulbs filament, Electrical cable disconnects, Discharge traces of dielectric breakdown
Advanced Materials
Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (CFRP), Insulation material, Carbon, Dissimilar material joint, Contamination in beryllium
Precision Conponents
Probe, Bearing, Mating of plastic parts, Spring position
Creatures and Plants
Laboratory rats, Seeds, Flowers, Shell, Bone, Insects, Rice
Microscopic foreign matter contamination, Voids in welding, Plastic bottle, Sealing of cans

FAQ for performance of X-Ray Inspection System

X-Ray Inspection System FAQ


For details, download the datasheet below.


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