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  • µB3000 series | X-ray Inspection in Benchtop (Vertical Model) | Matsusada Precision
  • µB3000 series | X-ray Inspection in Benchtop (Vertical Model) | Matsusada Precision

Compact and High performance X-ray inspection system

"On-site operating" X-ray inspection system in pursuit of simple operation

A work can be made to move to the position which you want to inspect it quickly by a hand-operated multi-lever. Since short-circuit, lack, etc. of BGA are observable, it is most suitable for an inspection on the spot. In addition, we realize the price that it is easy to introduce while consisting of "Clear inspection image" "High operability" "High safety" by reviewing a function and a design thoroughly.

Features and Benefits

Compact design of the desk-top size
In order not to choose a setting position in the compact size of W: 18.9 inches (480 mm) × D: 20.3 inches (515 mm) × H: 20.7 inches (525 mm), it is ideal for use on the spot.
Equipped with 2-inch x-ray camera
A high-resolution and compact x-ray camera enables you to make feeble transmission x-ray a visible image surely.
The thorough pursuit of safety
Because it is shipped with an interlock function to stop x-ray radiation immediately when a stage is opened suddenly, you can use it in comfort.


Model X-ray Source Imaging Section Stage
Tube voltage Tube current Focal spot size Size of visual field Number of valid pixel Output signal from camera*1 Inspection viewing field Max.size of sample X-axis travel Y-axis travel Rotation angle *2
μB3000 20 to 60 kV 0.05 to 1 mA 50 µm 2 inches 640 x 480 pixels EIA/NTSC method 1.42 x 1.06 inches (36 x 27 mm) X 10.24 x Y 7.87 inches
(X 260 x Y 200 mm)
4.72 inches (manual) 7.87 inches (manual) 360° (manual)


Overwhelming excellent usability!

Easy alignment

The position of a work can be decided immediately.


By a hand-operated multi-level, since a stage can be quickly moved to the X-axis direction 4.72 inches (120 mm), the Y-axis direction to 7.87 inches (200 mm), the part which wants to see work is correctly observable.

Easy setting work on the stage

Since it is a door of a drawer system and large stage, the set of a work is also simple.

Easy setting work on the stage

Since a service outlet is equipped on rear panel standardly, it is convenient when using a rotary beacon light etc. together.

Rear panel

Easy maintenance

Accessible to X-ray tube simply by removing two screws.

Easy maintenance

Exchange and various maintenances of an X-ray tube can be easily performed only by removing a top plate.


Dedicated software for capturing images, µRay Vision

Image processing software with the measurement function

µRay Vision, an accessory equipment of our X-ray inspection systems offers easy operation with X-ray control system. Furthermore, in addition to the average integration of images, the software features the COLORING function where the color is added to certain areas with arbitrary brightness level.

This is µRay Vision's image.
(1) High-definition imaging
Allows high-definition images to be displayed in real time.
(2) X-ray controller
Allows you to turn the X-ray source on and off and to control the tube voltage and current.
(3) Image controller
Allows you to configure the image capture settings, including the moving-image filter and display range settings.
(4) Stage controller
Allows you to operate the stage using a mouse.

Automatic contrast adjustment function

Invisible images are automatically arranged at its contrast to make it visible.

Invisible image
Invisible image
Invisible image

Besides, the histogram display and the manual operation of contrast adjustment are available in this window.

Filters function

The µB3000 supports 10 or more types of filtering and image processing allowing detailed image analyses. Images can be analyzed in real time by performing appropriate filtering for displaying moving images.

This image is µV-1300.
Image inversion
Image inversion
Pseudo color
Pseudo color

Measuring areas

The µB3000 can measure the areas, number of holes, area of holes and area ratio of an object in a shot image.

Measuring areas

Binarizing processing

A shot image can be displayed in a binary manner by contrast by setting a threshold and binarizing the image.

Binarizing processing

Measuring line profile

This function measures the line profile between two points on the monitor screen and displays a graph.

Measuring line profile


For details, download the datasheet below.


STG002: Height Adjustment Stage (Size: 120 mm×120 mm)
STG056: Height Adjustment Stage (Size: 120 mm×140 mm)
The stage helps you to raise its height, therefore, the sample can be closer to the X-ray camera for shooting, so you can take larger field images.
Height Adjustment Stage | Matsusada Precision
XDSK200: Aluminum table for option


Fields and Applications of X-ray Radiography Non-Destructive Testing

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
Tablets, Capsules, Catheters, Medical pouches, Foreign object in the face mask, Cosmetics
Automobiles and Electric Vehicles
Automotive components, Wire harness, Batteries, Molded plastic parts, Motor, Insert molded parts, Aluminum die casting, Sensor, Mating parts connection
Ball grid array (BGA), Integrated circuit (IC) chip, Connectors, Capacitors, LED, Relays, Printed circuit board (PCB), AC adapter, Light bulbs filament, Electrical cable disconnects, Discharge traces of dielectric breakdown
Advanced Materials
Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (CFRP), Insulation material, Carbon, Dissimilar material joint, Contamination in beryllium
Precision Conponents
Probe, Bearing, Mating of plastic parts, Spring position
Creatures and Plants
Laboratory rats, Seeds, Flowers, Shell, Bone, Insects, Rice
Microscopic foreign matter contamination, Voids in welding, Plastic bottle, Sealing of cans

FAQ for performance of X-Ray Inspection System

X-Ray Inspection System FAQ


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