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  • KPE series | Bidirectional (Regenerative) DC Power supply | Matsusada Precision


Achieves 10 kW power running and regenerative operation in a 6U-height, 23-inch rack size

KPE series is no longer available as we have stopped the production and sales this model in September 2020. Meanwhile, we support. PBR series is available as the successor model, and more information on the series can be found here.

PBR series

Bidirectional DC Power Supply with Power Running and Regeneration Capability

The KPE series is a bidirectional DC power supply with regeneration capability*.
While offering high baseline performance and reliability as a DC power supply, the cost is kept down, and outstanding cost performance is achieved through careful selection of the available features. It is optimal for evaluation and testing not only of in-car inverters for hybrid and electric vehicles but also of motors, generators, high-capacity vehicle batteries, and capacitors, as well as wind and solar power generation.

* The device is designed on the assumption that all regenerated power is consumed on the premises.


  • Bidirectional DC power supply with excellent cost performance
  • Effective power utilization achieved through regeneration capability
  • Smooth switching between power running and regeneration
  • Reduced power consumption helps mitigate rise in ambient temperature


The devices can be used as the regenerating electronic load and power supply device for the applications below.

  • Evaluating charge/discharge testing for rechargeable batteries and capacitors (optional)
  • Evaluating in-car inverters and converters
  • Evaluating motors and generators

* No model supports independent operation. They stop when system power is disconnected.


Model I/O power [kW] Power supply mode (power running mode) Load mode (regeneration mode)
DC output voltage [V] DC output current [A] DC input voltage [V] *2 Maximum input current [A]
KPE200-55(10kW) *1 10 0 to 200 55 20 to 200 -55
KPE400-30(10kW) *1 0 to 400 30 40 to 400 -30
KPE500-25(10kW) *1 0 to 500 25 50 to 500 -25
KPE750-15(10kW) 0 to 750 15 75 to 750 -15
  1. Can be manufactured for 19-inch rack type. (excluding KPE750-15 [10kW]).
    For 19-inch rack type, append "B" to the end of the model number.
  2. The voltage range that can be regenerated at the rated current will be voltage that is approximately 10% of the rating or higher.


For details, download the datasheet below.



Enables the following remote control and monitor output.

External control of output voltage
Controls output voltage with the external control voltage (Vcon-in) between 0 and 10 V.
External control of output current
Controls output current with the external control voltage (Icon-in) between 0 and 10 V.
Output voltage monitor
0 to +10 V (±3% FS) output impedance of 1 kΩ
Output current monitor
0 to +10 V (maximum negative current to maximum positive current) (±3% FS) output impedance of 1 kΩ
Remote switch ON/OFF
(TTL or external relay)


This option is required if the load comprises a battery. Contact a sales representative for details.
(This option is available only for the 200 V I/O model.)


For details, download the datasheet below.


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