• HECD series | Electrostatic Chuck power supply Benchtop | Matsusada Precision
  • HECD series | Electrostatic Chuck power supply Benchtop | Matsusada Precision



Wafer Sensor adopted

  • Max Voltage:±0.5 to ±7.5 kV
  • Max Current: 1 to 20mA
  • Two-channel output type
  • Half rack size compact design

Two channels, reversible, floating, programmable high voltage power supply for electrostatic chuck drivers.

HECD series is two channels, reversible, floating, programmable high voltage power supply for electrostatic chuck drivers. In addition to the polarity switching and forced grounding, the series offers the wafer monitoring system to satisfy wafer detection needs. Furthermore, with the wide range of voltages, this series can support both coulombic and Johnsen-Rahbek electrostatic chucks.


  • Half rack size compact design
  • Polarity reverse enabling increased throughput with quick dechucking
  • Reliability chucking/dechucking status detection by wafer sensor
  • Fast response by amplifire architecture design (high reliablibity and long life by “non-relay polarity reverse” design.)
  • “Two-channel independent controls (option)” and “Output using center tap (option)” for various chuck/dechuck operation
  • Digital interface with LAN, USB, RS-232C, or Ether CAT (option)
  • Built in RF filter (13.56 MHz)
  • Selectable models for wafer size and your applications
  • OEM available (4-ch, 6-ch, digital communication, another output power)


  • Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment
  • Photolithography
  • Chemical vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Plasma Enhanced CVD (PECVD)


Model Output Output Response speed [typ]
Voltage Max*1
(each channel)
(each channel)
HECD-0.5B20×2 +0.5kV, -0.5kV 20 mA 10 ms
HECD-1B10×2 +1kV, -1kV 10 mA 10 ms
HECD-1.5B6×2 +1.5kV, -1.5kV 6 mA 15 ms
HECD-2B5×2 +2kV, -2kV 5 mA 20 ms
HECD-4B1×2 +4kV, -4kV 1 mA 40 ms
HECD-4B2.5×2 +4kV, -4kV 2.5 mA 40 ms
HECD-5B2×2 +5kV, -5kV 2 mA 60 ms
HECD-7.5B1.2×2 +7.5kV, -7.5kV 1.2 mA 90 ms
  1. Include center tap voltage, bias voltage.
  2. Typical value at operation with no load.

Discontinued Products

Sales of the following models ended on March, 2022. We continue to support the products.

Model Output Successor
Voltage Current
HECD-0.5B10×2 +0.5kV, -0.5kV 10 mA HECD-0.5B20×2
HECD-1B3×2 +1kV, -1kV 3 mA HECD-1B10×2
HECD-1.5B2×2 +1.5kV, -1.5kV 2 mA HECD-1.5B6×2
HECD-2B3×2 +2kV, -2kV 3 mA HECD-2B5×2


For details, download the datasheet below.


Characteriseic of output voltage setting | HECD | Matsusada Precision


Example of waveform. | HECD | Electrostatic Chuck Power Supplies|Matsusada Precision



Additional high-sensitivity current monitor (each Ch)
0 to +10 V / −1/100 of rated output current to +1/100 of rated output current


Center tap bias
Bias setting range is from 0 to ± rated voltage.
However, the maximum output voltage remains the same as the rated voltage.


Ether CAT interface
(LAN, USB, or RS-232C is unavailable.)


Two-channel independent controls


AC 100 V to 240 V, 1 Øinput


Output High Voltage cable 7meters x 3
(2pcs when -LCt or -LSep is selected)

  • -LCt and -LSep can not select together.
  • -LCt and -LSep has no center tap terminal.

How to Order

To order, add Option No. to Model No. in alphabetic order followed by cable No.
Example: HECD-4B1×2-LSep(AC)(7m)


0.5 kV to 5 kV model
(with SHV connector on both end)
CN-SHV-HVPP 5 meters
*When -L(7m) option is selected,
CN-SHV-HVPP(7) is applied.
7.5 kV model
(with SHV connector on both end)
CN-SHV7.5-HVPP(5) 5 meters


For details, download the datasheet below.


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