Technical Terms

Capacitance is the electrical property of a capacitor and stores charge in the form of an electrostatic field. It indicates how much charge can be stored in Galvanic isolation dielectric such as a capacitor.

The capacitance is calculated as the stored charge per unit voltage. The symbol is C and the unit is F (farad). The capacitor charge held (Q) can be given by the following equation using the capacitance (C) and the electric potential (V). Q = CV

It also has various mechanisms, such as capacitive touch panels, that operate devices by detecting changes in capacitance. As for a capacitive touch panel, when a finger touches the electrodes, the finger acts like a capacitor, and the electrostatic capacities between the electrodes will change.

The touch or movement of a finger is detected by sensing where among the electrodes deployed on the panel the capacitance is changing.

Capacitive touch panel mechanism
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