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Technical Terms

Typical is a word used to mean normal, usual, representative, or average. In industrial terms, it often means Typical Value, which is sometimes abbreviated as Typ.

Typical value is one of the values representing the specifications of a part or product, and means an approximate value under normal operating conditions. They are listed on the product's datasheet and may be expressed as representative values, normal values, or reference values.

When dealing with typical values, it must be noted that typical values are statistically derived values. It is similar to the fact that, for example, if the average score on a certain exam given at school is 65, it does not mean that everyone's score is 65.

Tipical values are not always guaranteed even when parts or products are used under normal and identical conditions, and will vary within the established specifications.

Therefore, when selecting parts and products, it is necessary to check not only the typical value but also the minimum and maximum values.

Matsusada Precision uses the typical value "Typ." in its specifications and datasheets. For example, typical values are used when the input current or ripple of the power supply depends on the operating environment. The input current shows the typical current value at the maximum rated output at the rated input voltage.

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