Technical Terms

A power supply is a converter of electrical energy and generates any loss as heat due to conversion efficiency. How to cool this heat is the point of installation.

[ Natural Convection Cooling ]
In the case of natural convection, heat is dissipated by radiation and convection. Since most of the heat is dissipated by convection, please allow enough space for air to flow. If the power supply unit is placed in an enclosure, provide an external air inlet/outlet to prevent warm air from accumulating heat inside. In this case, designing the outlet larger than the inlet can be effective. In addition, the power supply should be installed with the top and bottom of the product in the specified orientation.

[ Forced Convection Colling ]
With forced convection, a cooling fan is built into the power supply. Be sure to install the unit in such a way that the air intake and exhaust ports are not blocked and that surrounding objects are not sucked into the unit. And note that using it in a dusty environment may deteriorate the cooling efficiency and cause overheat. The control of the intake air (ambient temperature) needs to be considered.