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Technical Terms

Micro-CT is an abbreviation for X-ray micro-computed tomography. Micro CT, also called microcomputed tomography or microtomography, is a high-resolution X-ray CT scanner for industrial use. An X-ray CT system equipped with a microfocus X-ray tube may also be referred to as an X-ray micro CT. A computer can process High-resolution, high-magnification X-ray images to visualize internal structures in high-resolution three-dimensional (3D). Micro CT is an X-ray CT scanner that provides a three-dimensional model with pixels (voxels) in micrometers.

There are two types of micro-CT systems: one in which the sample is rotated and scanned, and the other in which the X-ray tube and detector rotate around the sample. Most industrial micro-CTs rotate the sample, but some animal and in vivo micro-CTs have a rotating X-ray tube and detector. Matsusada Precision manufactures an industrial X-ray CT scanning system (micro CT) that rotates samples.

Applications of micro-CT: electronic materials, composite materials, pharmaceutical biology, electronic devices, geology, food and seeds, polymeric materials, fibers, casting, additive manufacturing (3D printer)

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