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In semiconductor magnified X-ray inspections, the state of wire bonding is examined at an enlarged scale, checking for issues such as wire breakage, pitch deviation, and poor bonding.

IC chip wire bonding cannot be visually inspected once it has been sealed with resin molding, and it has fine structure of around 20 to 30 μm. X-ray system is needed for such wire bonding inspections.

Inspections for wire breakage, poor bonding, and measuring wire flow rate require X-ray imaging that remains clear even when magnified. In this case the X-ray inspection system need the capability of maintaining a small focal spot size.

Matsusada Precision's X-ray inspection systems are equipped with original microfocus X-ray tubes, taking advantage of the company's expertise in high-voltage power supplies to achieve the industry's smallest focal spot size of 5 μm for benchtop systems and 4 μm for stationary systems, ensuring clear observation. With advanced CT technologies, we also offer 2D and 3D CT scan functions designed for inspections of wire bonding in terms of three-dimensional shape and delamination.

Moreover, X-ray inspections are useful in authenticating semiconductor IC chips.

Wire bonding of IC chips X-ray inspection image | Matsusada Precision
X-ray system requirements
Focal spot Microfocus
X-ray tube voltage 90 kV
Magnification 100x or more