• µRay8400 series | X-ray Inspection System (Vertical Model) | Matsusada Precision
  • µRay8400 series | X-ray Inspection System (Vertical Model) | Matsusada Precision


High performance X-ray inspection system

  • Max X-ray Voltage: 130kV
  • Max X-ray Power: 40W
  • CT Unit (option)

High transmission performance by 130kV micro focus X-ray source


  • Precise imaging of with heavy metals
  • Easy setting and observing a single specimen at a micro or macro level
  • Simple operation of batch inspections
  • Various kinds of standard processing software
  • CT Unit (option)


Model X-ray generating unit Imaging unit Stage
Tube voltage Output power Focal spot size Vertical stroke Vertical Fields size Number of pixels Density resolution Monitor size Vertical stroke Sample stage
Small focal spot size Large focal spot size Small focal spot Large focal spot Size inch (mm) X-Y stroke Rotation stroke Tilting stroke
X-Y stage Rotation stage X-Y stage Rotation stage X-Y stage Rotation stage X-Y stage Rotation stage
µRay8400 40 to 130 (kV) 8 W MAX
(177 µA MAX)
(300 µA MAX)
8 µm
(5 µm@4 W)
40 µm 4.9-inch
(125 mm)
6-inch or 4-inch diagonal 800,000 pixels 10-bit 21.5-inch 13.8-inch (350 mm)
13.8 x 17.7
(350 x 450)
5.9 x 5.9
(150 x 150)*
13.8 x 13.8
(350 x 350)
13.8 x 13.8
(350 x 350)
- 360 degrees - +/-30 degrees
(at CT option: +/-8 degrees)

* This size is standard. Installation of larger stage is also available.


High Transmission performance Precise imaging even with heavy metals

130kV micro focus X-ray helps achieve excellent imaging with ease.

Capture clear image of sample covered by metal

This system equips 130 kV micro focus X-ray. It is most suitable for observing large footprint material or specimens that contain heavy metal. The minimum focal spot size is 5 μm, so even a magnified image is seen clear. Superior operability pursued with an XY stage that can be adjusted to desired position and angle with ease as well as original imaging software.

Capture clear image of sample covered by metal

Easy setting and observation of specimen

Wide opening front door and spacious XY stage makes it easy to take out and set in specimens. There is additional side window that helps operator to observe the specimen inside the chamber, without approaching front window, whilst standing near to the PC monitor for operation convenience.

Easy setting and observation of specimen


User-friendly operation.1No specialist knowledge or qualifications required.

Batch inspections are simple to perform.

The TEACHING functionmakes it easy to inspect predetermined points on multiple specimens with the same shape.

This function improves inspection efficiency by automatically moving the stage to pre-registered points.Once the positional data has been stored, you can display images of exactly the same points on multiple specimens with the same shape. Also, because settings such as the X-ray output rate, the magnification rate, and the stop time can be configured individually for each point, any type of specimen can be handled.

The TEACHING function

The STITCHING functionmakes it easy to observe a single specimen at a micro or macro level.

This function allows you to capture multiple X-ray images of areas of up to 13.8 x 13.8-inch (350 x 350mm) for specimens that would be too large to capture in a single image. You can also capture an X-ray image of a particular section of a large specimen. In addition, once the images to be stitched together have been captured and saved, you can use the CLICK-TO CENTER function. To use this function, load the stitched image data and click the point you wish to view. The stage will automatically move to that point.

The STITCHING function

User-friendly operation.2The IMAGE PROCESSING function allows you to highlight part of an image to make it clear to anyone.

Display Range

Allows you to set an arbitrary gray level based on an image’s histogram and then enhance the contrast manually.

Display Range

Brightness control

Individually controlling the gain, contrast, and gamma values allows for flexible change of the brightness value of images.

Brightness control

Size measurement

By drawing the measurement lines on the image, the dimensions within the image can be measured.

Size measurement


Allows you to set all values above the threshold to white and all values below it to black.



The μnRay series provides more than ten different types of filters and image processing functions that enable more detailed image analysis. Applying a filter to a moving image enables you to perform real-time image analysis.



µRayVision.2 the system control software for capturing images

[Option: µRay8400 -LV2]

µRayVision2, the system control software for capturing images that has been designed exclusively for the µRay series—now employs a multiple document interface (MDI). By displaying multiple images in the same window, you can now compare images from the specimen you are inspecting with an image of a non-defective sample. You can also perform measurements on multiple images in order to evaluate them by comparison.

µRayVision.2 the system control software for capturing images

CT Unit 2D/ 3D analysis software

[Option:µRay8400 -LCTN, -LCTM, -LCTX]

A fluoroscope can only capture projection images, but a CT Unit can capture 3D images. A CT Unit can also capture tomographic images of the specified surface of a 3D image.

CT Unit 2D/3D analysis software

Wide view X-ray I·I camera

[Option: µRay8400-L4/2,-L3]

This option provides wide view camera that enables to capture wider surface of a sample, suitable for case wider view is preferred rather than higher magnification.

Mega-pixel high resolution digital FPD

[Option: µRay8400 -LF]


Field and Application Example

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
tablet, capsule, catheter, medical pouch, foreign object detecting in the mask, cosmetic
Automobiles with Electric Vehicles
automotive component, harness, battery, resin molded part, motor, insert molded part, aluminum die cast part, sensor, fitting of part
Electrics and Electronics
BGA, IC, connector, capacitor, LED, relay, electronic circuit board (PCB), AC adapter, lamp filament, cable disconnection, electric discharge trace after insulation breakdown
Advanced Materials
Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP), insulation material, carbon, junction of different materials, foreign material inspection of beryllium
Precision Instruments
probe, bearing, fitting of resin container, inspection to insertion position of spring
Creatures and Plants
rat for research, seed, flower, shell, bone, insect, rice
microscopic foreign object mixing, cavity on the wielding part, inspection of plastic bottle, sealing of can

FAQ for performance of X-Ray Inspection System

X-Ray Inspection System FAQ


Aluminum dedicated desk: XDSK600 Sold separately


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