What is Micro-focus X-ray?

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Microfocus X-ray refers to an X-ray tube in which the size of the X-ray generation area (focal spot) is on the order of microns. Microfocus X-rays are mainly used for non-destructive X-ray inspection of industrial samples with high magnification and resolution. There are two types of microfocus X-ray tubes: sealed and open. X-ray tubes with an even smaller X-ray focus of the nano order are also called nanofocus X-rays. There are other types of X-ray tubes with different focus sizes, which are called millifocus or mini-focus. There are also X-ray tubes for medical use that switch between large-focus and small-focus X-ray tubes.
We describe the detail in "What is Microfocus X-ray? (Basic Knowledge)" of Technical Knowledge on our site. Please see this page for reference.

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