• ASX series
  • ASX series

ASX series

Ultra-Low Noise High Stability High Voltage Power Supply

  • Max Voltage: ±3.1kV
  • Max Current: 5mA
  • Max Power: 15.5W
  • Bestseller

World Highest Level Ripple 1 mVp-p with Ultra-Low Noise Level

ASX series, an advanced high voltage power supply, features the world highest level of noise reduction and high stability. With the ultra-low noise of ripple 1 mVp-p as well as high stability of 50 ppm/H at ±3.1 kV output, the series is one of the most popular HV power supplies among various research institutes in Japan and all over the world.

In addition, the ASX series offers the digital setting system having a large-sized five-digit meter and three rotary encoder switches, so you can perform the quick and accurate setting at full scale output voltage of 170 ppm.

ASX series is especially suited for driving photomultiplier tubes used in low-light-level measurement which could be adversely affected by very small noise and aging.

Features and Benefits

Ultra-Low Noise
Ultra-low noise 1mVp-p at rated output voltage ±3.1 kV
Outstanding Operability
Quick and accurate setting of output voltage with the digital setting system having a five-digit display of setting voltage and three rotary encoder switches used separately for the digits
Designing Highly Reliable System
High reliability of all solid state design equipped with many protection functions as standard


  • PMT (Photomultiplier)
  • MCP (Micro channel plate)
  • Geiger counter
  • Nuclear equipment
  • Precise measurement
  • Reference power supply


Model Maximum Output
Voltage [V] Current [mA] Power [W] Ripple [mVp-p]
ASX-3R5 ±3100 5 15.5 1
ASX-3R5-5 ±3100 5 15.5 5


For details, download the datasheet below.



Following functions are to be added.

Door switch

HV output cut off by external switch

Remote switch ON/OFF

HV output ON/OFF by external relay

Output voltage monitor

0 V to 10 V/maximum output voltage (output impedance 1 kΩ)
same polarity as HV output

-LC: Current limit

Limits output current by dropping output voltage

-LW: Slow start

Takes about 10 seconds to reach a set voltage from turning on high-voltage switch

-LRs: RS-232C control

For output ON/OFF, output voltage setting (resolution 0.1 V) and switching polarity

-LG: GPIB control

For output ON/OFF, output voltage setting (resolution 0.1 V) and switching polarity

-L(3m), -L(5m), -L(7m): High voltage output shielded cable length change

Please choose high voltage output cable length from 3, 5, 7 meters.

(Please contact nearby sales office if specific length other than above.)

-LRs option and -LG option cannot be selected together. Need to be selected either one.

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. to Model No. in alphabetical order followed by the cable length.


Input Cable

(125 V, 10 A rating)

Output Cable*

-LMh option
N-BNC-HVPP (With MHV connector)
-LSh option
CN-BNC-HVPSP (With SHV connector)

* For details, contact our sales office.


For details, download the datasheet below.


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