• CN series | High Voltage Output Cable | Matsusada Precision
  • CN series | High Voltage Output Cable | Matsusada Precision

High Voltage Output Cable

High Voltage cable and connector (plug or receptacle)

The CN series is a collection of high voltage connectors used for Matsusada products. They are highly reliable and easy to connect with. With these high voltage connectors connecting power supplies to load shall be more easy, safe, and reliable General High Voltage connectors are also available.



□ means P: Plug
PP: Double plug
R: Receptacle

Voltage rating
Current rating
Applicable power supply model
Dimensions (mm) Output cable
A B C D E F G H K Equiv. AWG
CN-BNC-HVP 5 0.5 ASX, ES, EJ series - Φ5.0 20
CN-SHV-HVP ES series (Models with -LSh option)
EP series
CN-SHV-HVPP ES series (Models with -LSh option)
CN-15-MHV□ 15 1.6 AF, AE: 1 to 15 kV
AU: 1 to 15 kV (Excluding 2.2 kW of 1.5 kV or less)
EQ: 1 to 10 kV
AKP: 10 to 15 kV
AK: 6.4 kW (3.6 to 15 kV), 3 kW, 4 kW (3 to 15 kV)
Φ3.3 18 25 M16 15 90 Φ19 Φ3 Φ6.0 22
CN-15PR-MHVP 15 REH series,
AK: 6.4 kW (3 kV or less), 3 kW, 4 kW (2 kV or less),
AKP: 1 to 6 kV
AU: 2.2 kW (1 to 1.5 kV)
- Φ11.0 14
CN-30-MHV□ 30 1.2 AU ,AF, AE, AK, AKP series: 20 to 30 kV
EQ: 30 kV
Φ3.3 18 25 M16 15 160 Φ19 Φ3 Φ6.0 22
CN-40-AHV□ 40 0.5 Non shielded
- Φ4.7 Φ4.7 22
CN-40-AHVP TU AMP-20B20*, AMPS-20B20* Φ10.0
CN-45-MHV□ 45 1.2 AU, AF, AE, AK, AKP series: 40 kV Φ3.3 18 25 M16 15 270 Φ22 Φ6 Φ10.3 18
CN-50-AHVP 50 5 AMP-30B10*
- Φ9.5 16
CN-60-MHV□ 60 1.2 AU, AF, AE, AK, AKP series: 50 to 60 kV Φ3.3 18 25 M16 15 400 Φ25 Φ8 Φ10.3 18
CN-120-MHVP 120 1.2 AF, AE series: 80 to 120 kV - Φ13.8 10
CN-120AR-MHVP AU, AK, AKP series: 80 kV and up
CN-150-MHVP 150 1 AF, AE, AUH : 150 kV models Φ24.0 9
CN-200-MHVP 200 1 AUH: Models of over 160 kV

* Do not use the cable in a hazardous situation of the connector with the screws loosened. You must not loose the screws.

* When a cable longer than the standard length is used for the High Voltage amplifier, the longer the cable length, the lower the rating such as the response speed may be.
When the output cable has a length longer than the standard length, it has stray capacitance to ground, which may result in a decrease in response speed, distortion of the output waveform, etc. As a countermeasure to these phenomena, it is effective to "minimize the cable length" and "wire the output cable away from the floor, desk and metal objects".

  • Even after stopping the output of the high voltage power supply, in some cases, electric charge may remain in the output cable and the human body touches it may cause electric shock. Please be careful.
  • It is assumed that the cable with high voltage connector described in this catalog is used in combination with our power supply unit. Please understand beforehand that we can not guarantee the product when it is used in other combinations or when combination can not be confirmed by our company.


For details, download the datasheet below.

Cable length

The number in parentheses indicates the cable length (meters, not including terminal length).

  • CN-40-AHVP: 1.5 m (Standard length)
  • CN-40-AHVP(5): 5 m
  • CN-40-AHVR: 1 m
  • CN-40-AHVP TU: 1.5 m
  • CN-40-AHVP TU(5): 5 m
  • CN-50-AHVP: 3 m
  • CN-15/15PR/30/45/60/120/120AR/150/200-MHVP: 2.5 m
  • CN-15/15PR/30/45/60/120/120AR/150/200-MHVP(3): 3 m
  • CN-15/15PR/30/45-MHVP(5): 5 m
  • CN-15/15PR-MHVP(7): 7 m
  • Other plugged models: Standard 2.5 m
  • Models with other receptacles: Standard 0.5 m

For cable length other than the above, please contact sales staff.

* As the voltage used increases, the energy stored in the cable increases, so it is recommended to use the cable with the minimum necessary cable length.


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