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A thermocouple is a sensor that measures temperature by the Thermal Electromotive Force (EMF) generated at the contact point between two different metal wires. Thermal Electromotive Force (EMF) generation principle in thermocouples that is called the Seebeck effect is widely used in industrial temperature sensors.

The temperature range depends on the combination of two metal types. You will visually check an exposed sensor concerning the connection of two metal wire ends. However, you cannot check the insides of sensors whose contact points are covered with a protective tube or sheathed thermocouples. X-ray inspection systems are required for them.

Matsusada Precision's X-ray inspection system can inspect the inside of sheathed thermocouples and the condition and position of thermocouples covered by protective tubes by means of high-resolution X-ray images. X-ray inspection systems dedicated to thermocouples that can support long thermocouples.

Sheathed thermocouple X-ray inspection | Matsusada Precision
Image of sheathed thermocouple X-ray inspection

X-ray inspection system customized for thermocouples (example)

Thermocouples can be inserted from the side of the X-ray inspection system for inspection.

μnRay7600 series for thermocouple | Matsusada Precision

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