Industrial CT

X-ray CT scanners are primarily classified by medical and industrial purposes.

Medical CT scanners
The first and foremost importance is to minimize the radiation dose toward the body during X-ray examination.
When imaging the body, the X-ray tube and detector rotate around the body to reduce blurring of the body. The photography is conducted for an extremely short time using high radiation dose.
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Industrial CT scanners
You do not need to worry about the radiation exposure to take images of industrial products, and, the X-ray tube and detector can be fixed as the product on the rotatable stage is moved. Accordingly, X-ray photograph is conducted for a long time with low radiation dose. That is why, you can get high quality data with high accuracy as well as low noise using industrial CT scanners, which are used in a variety of applications such as quality inspection of industrial products, evaluation of development materials, and reverse engineering of other companies' products.
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High voltage power supplies designed for X-ray tube of industrial CT inspection system and X-ray generators in one package of X-ray tube and high voltage power supply are all available in a wide lineup of Matsusada Precision.