• µB3600 series | X-ray Inspection in Benchtop (Vertical Model) | Matsusada Precision
  • µB3600 series | X-ray Inspection in Benchtop (Vertical Model) | Matsusada Precision


X-ray Inspection system

Instant and Compact

  • Max X-ray voltage : 90kV
  • Focal spot size : 5μm
  • Maximum monitor image magnification
    136 times
  • Inspection area
    2.3 × 2.6mm to 4.3 × 4.9mm

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"precision µB3600" is a very compact X-ray inspection system. The X-ray inspection system that has been used so far in Europe has been very large and has difficulty in choosing the location. With our X-ray inspection system, not only there is no difficulty in the installation location, but also it is easy to operate with intuitive operation.


The ultra-compact X-ray inspection system

"precision μB3600", a benchtop high-spec X-ray inspection system, features high-end functions compatible with other standing type systems. The ultra-compact X-ray inspection system fits directly on the desk to use in small areas of factories or offices. You can also adjust the geometric magnification of the sample by raising or lowering the X-ray camera position.

Suitable for small parts

Size of Stage, Shooting Range by the Movement

The "precision μB3600" is ideal for taking images of small circuit boards and small components.
For example, with the monitor image magnification of 125 times, the inspection area is 2.3 mm × 2.6 mm, and the applicable shooting range is 120 mm × 120 mm.

stage size
Door open.png
ample on the stage

Reasons of Compact

  • Using exquisitely created high voltage power supply
  • New design for longer life
  • Short FOD

For the Safety

The X-ray leakage measurement we offer is conducted from all directions of each unit to confirm that it is less than 1μSv/hr before delivery.
It is the extremely low level that has no impact on the usage in daily lives.

Four features that enhance safety
  • Interlock
  • Auto-off
  • Product status display LED
  • Emergency stop button
For details, download the datasheet below.


Notifications to the public authorities (government offices, municipalities, etc.) in each country may be required for the installation of X-ray equipment. Please contact our sales representative if you need any necessary information.

X-Ray Shielding Technology

To ensure safe and reliable installation, we have carefully designed radiation shielding.
In general, lead used for shielding is a soft and easily deformed material, but by adopting a multi-layered structure combined with steel plates, it can be used for a long time without deformation of lead.


Easy Replacement

X-ray tube unit replacement steps

To replace the X-ray tube unit, remove the panels on the top and at the back side, and pull out the X-ray tube unit from the bottom part.

tube unit
X-ray detector replacement

Slide off the detector attached on the top inside of the unit to replace it with new one.

For details, download the datasheet below.


Model X-ray tube Stage
Anode voltage Anode current Focal spot size Perimetry field Maximum monitor magnification
precision µB3600 30 kV to 90 kV 150 µA MAX 5 µm 2.3 mm × 2.6 mm to 4.3 mm × 4.9 mm 136 times


Brightness adjustment

Matsusada Precision brightness
Matsusada Precision brightness

The brightness of the X-ray images can be arranged by adjusting the gain value and tone curve. Also, the automatic adjustment is available.

Contrast adjustment

Matsusada Precision contrast
Matsusada Precision contrast

The contrast of the X-ray image can be adjusted by changing the gamma value and brightness range. The automatic adjustment is also available.

Teaching with automation

Using the teaching function, the shooting point set in advance is automatically displayed to taking the image.
So far, operators had only to operate the work by themselves.
Thanks to this function, with one click, you can take images of multiple parts you set beforehand.
In addition, the X-ray output value, magnification ratio, etc. can be set individually, supporting any inspection target.

Matsusada Precision Teaching with automation


Use the joystick to move the stage, zoom in and out, etc.

precision µB3600 Joystick


For details, download the datasheet below.



CT function
This function allows you to combine multiple transmitted images to obtain a three-dimensional 3D image.
Arbitrary cross-sections can also be displayed and output as CAD data.

CT option
3D display and analysis Meshing
- - -
Image editing
Image editing
Image editing
3D cross-section display 3D cross-section display 3D cross-section display -
Reconstruction Artifact reduction - Artifact reduction -
Dimensioning Dimensioning Dimensioning Dimensioning
2D cross-section display 2D cross-section display 2D cross-section display 2D cross-section display

Selecting -LCTDaX, -LCTM, -LCTDa, and -LCTN together is not allowed.

CT stage
This is used for CT imaging.
You can take a series of transmitted images by rotating the fixed samples on the stages.

Matsusada Precision brightness *The type of stage attached varies depending on the options.
BGA measurement
Using the function, the BGA measurement function can support the detection of voids in BGA solder joints and the pass/fall judgment. It can extract the voids in bumps and display them with color in the image. It also has features to support the pass/fall judgment by measuring the area and area ratio of extracted voids.


Power Cable

Power cables for the product, computer, and monitor are not supplied. Please select the appropriate cable for your operating environment and region (see the table below), or prepare your own.

AC Input Cable
CABLE TYPE1 CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision 125 V / 10 A
CABLE TYPE8 CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision 125 V / 125 A
European Standard supported
CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision 250 V / 10 A
European Standard supported
CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision 250 V / 10 A
Up and Down Stage
STG002: size 120 mm × 120 mm
STG056: size 120 mm × 140 mm

The stage helps you to raise its height, therefore, the sample can be closer to the X-ray camera for shooting, so you can take larger field images.


Sample Images

Printed circuit board
- BGA 

Printed circuit board - BGA

Tube voltage : 60 kV
Tube current : 150 μA
Monitor image magnification : 100 times



Tube voltage : 70 kV
Tube current : 100 μA
Monitor image magnification : 10 times

Aluminum die cast part
- Porosity 

Aluminum die cast part- Porosity

Tube voltage : 80 kV
Tube current : 100 μA
Monitor image magnification : 32.9 times

Fields and Applications of X-ray Radiography Non-Destructive Testing

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
Tablets, Capsules, Catheters, Medical pouches, Foreign object in the face mask, Cosmetics
Automobiles and Electric Vehicles
Automotive components, Wire harness, Batteries, Molded plastic parts, Motor, Insert molded parts, Aluminum die casting, Sensor, Mating parts connection
Ball grid array (BGA), Integrated circuit (IC) chip, Connectors, Capacitors, LED, Relays, Printed circuit board (PCB), AC adapter, Light bulbs filament, Electrical cable disconnects, Discharge traces of dielectric breakdown
Advanced Materials
Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (CFRP), Insulation material, Carbon, Dissimilar material joint, Contamination in beryllium
Precision Conponents
Probe, Bearing, Mating of plastic parts, Spring position
Creatures and Plants
Laboratory rats, Seeds, Flowers, Shell, Bone, Insects, Rice
Microscopic foreign matter contamination, Voids in welding, Plastic bottle, Sealing of cans

FAQ for performance of X-Ray Inspection System

X-Ray Inspection System FAQ


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