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Industrial heaters include sheathed heaters, panel heaters, ribbon heaters, hot plates, and cartridge heaters. The heater generates heat due to its resistance when the resistance wire (resistance heating wire) is energized. Sheath heaters cover resistance wires with a metal tube to prevent electric shock and make them easier to handle. In X-ray inspection of industrial heaters, internal inspections for Galvanic isolation defects, wire breaks, and short circuits are available.

Matsusada Precision produces X-ray inspection systems that can nondestructively inspect various heaters, such as sheathed and ceramic heaters. Using Computed Tomography and 3D X-ray scan, it is possible to inspect the heater's interior that cannot be visually inspected.

We also have dedicated X-ray inspection systems that can accommodate long heaters.

X-ray inspection for Industrial sheathed heater | Matsusada Precision

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