Quality inspections are crucial because internal faults like miswindings of the film inside electrolytic capacitors can cause fires. Electrolytic capacitor cannot be visually inspected once it has been sealed in a casing, so X-ray system is needed for such internal inspections.

For film unwinding and foreign object inspections inside electrolytic capacitors, you need X-ray inspection system with a small focal spot X-ray tube and a high dynamic range camera. Specifically, some types of films inside electrolytic capacitors are easily visible through X-rays, and a high-performance X-ray inspection system is required to reach high precision with smaller focal spot.

Matsusada Precision's X-ray inspection systems provide lower noise and higher contrast images due to their combination of microfocus X-ray tubes with small focal spots and high stability, and high-resolution FPDs, which leverage our expertise in high voltage power supplies.

The precision μB4500 benchtop X-ray inspection system, with horizontal radiation, has a 5-μm microfocus X-ray tube and a 3-megapixel FPD. We support you with high performance and clear X-ray images without missing defects.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor X-ray inspection image | Matsusada Precision | Matsusada Precision
X-ray system requirements
Focal spot Microfocus
X-ray tube voltage 90 kV
Magnification 1 to 100x