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X-ray inspection is used to inspect the inside of the cables. Some electrically conductive cables may not conduct electricity because of the position or bending condition. In some cases, if wires in a cable are disconnected but touch each other, electricity will be energized. Then, if the wires are misaligned and separated, electricity will be cut off.

X-ray inspections are suitable for inspecting objects with thick cable materials, many bundled wires, or metal-shielded cables. The benchtop X-ray system precision µB4600 is equipped with a high-power 100kV X-ray tube, enabling clear observation of various multi-core cables with high power.

Cable Disconnection for X-ray Inspection Application | Matsusada Precision
X-ray system requirements
Focal spot less than 100µm (mini-focus)
X-ray tube voltage 90 kV
Magnification 1 to 10x