• µB1300 series | X-ray Inspection in Benchtop (Vertical Model) | Matsusada Precision
  • µB1300 series | X-ray Inspection in Benchtop (Vertical Model) | Matsusada Precision

Easy-to-use on the spot
X-ray Inspection System

Precise Setting of Current and Output with High Resolution D/A and A/D Converter

R4GT series is a DC power supply for precision plating so that setting minute current and output are enabled as based on ultra-low noise DC power supplies R4G series which have gotten favorable reception. These apply to tests for luminous elements, LED, organic electroluminescence (OEL), etc., which handle the minute current. Superior usability is realized with equipped FINE function, which can quickly set voltage and current.

Moreover, these correspond to digital communication, applicable widely from experiments to automation lines.

Features and Benefits

Voltage and Current Display with four digits Indicator
Both voltage and current are indicated with four digits. It provides high accuracy output control than ever before by the unit of 1 mV/10 mV and 0.01/0.1 mA*. Minute setting and output are enabled without multimeters.
Ultra-low Ripple and High Speed Respondence
High speed respondence with ultra-low ripple and noise as linear regulator system is applied. These are best for usage which the fundamental performance is important.
Various Functions equipped as Standard
As analog remote control and various status signal output are equipped as standard, it is easy to build in them on automation line.
Applicable to Digital Interface
They are applicable to various digital interfaces. These are able to fit in with your various automatic measuring and production facilities.
Superior Usability
These realize simple operation to be able to make various setting speedy and exactly.

Compact design

The space-saving design W 24.5 x D 27.4 x H 18.3 inches.

Multi-functional rotation stage

An object can be rotated and observed with this manually operated rotation stage.

This photo is a rotation stage.

Two-inch X-ray camera

Equipped with a compact and high-resolution X-ray camera. Imperceptible penetrating X-ray can definitely be viewable.


Auto-off function

In case you forget to turn off the X-ray source, the system automatically stops X-ray radiation after a set time has elapsed. The maximum setting is 60 minutes.

Emergency stop button

This button is to be used only in an emergency. It stops X-ray radiation immediately.

Interlock function

The system stops emitting X-rays immediately if the door is opened.

This is a interlock function.

Interlock function


Model Tube voltage [kV] Size inch Imaging visual field size [inch]
μB1300 20 to 60 10.24 x 10.24 2


Dedicated software for capturing images, µRayVision

µRayVision, the system’s dedicated software, not only makes controlling the X-ray beam easy, but also provides a variety of image processing and measurement functions.

This is µRay Vision's image.
(1) High-definition imaging
Allows high-definition images to be displayed in real time.
(2) X-ray controller
Allows you to turn the X-ray source on and off and to control the tube voltage and current.
(3) Image controller
Allows you to configure the image capture settings, including the moving-image filter and display range settings.
(4) Stage controller
Allows you to operate the stage using a mouse.

Automatic contrast adjustment function

Invisible images are automatically arranged at its contrast to make it visible.

Invisible image
Invisible image

Image processing software with measurement functions, µV-1300 separated

Filters function

µB1300 provides more than ten different types of filters and image processing functions that enable more detailed image analysis. Applying a filter to a moving image enables you to perform real-time image analysis.

This image is µV-1300.
Image inversion

Image inversion

Pseudo color

Pseudo color






For details, download the datasheet below.



OS/Software language setting (English)

The language setting of attached OS/software is English.

High resolution imaging system:

Visual field size 2.24 inches × 2.52 inches (57 mm × 64 mm)
Varid pixels 150 M pixels
Density resolution 14-bit 16384 tone

Microfocus X-ray generator

Tube voltage 20 kV to 60 kV
Tube current 150 μA
Focal spot size 5 µm

Input voltage *** Vac ±10% input

*: Enter Input voltage of 110 V, 115 V, 120 V, 200 V, 220 V, 230 V, or 240 V.

How to order

When ordering, add Option No. in the following order by alphabet, and number to Model No.

Example: How to order μB1300-LCTMEFR(200V)

Sold separately

STG002: Height Adjustment Stage (Size: 120 mm×120 mm)
STG056: Height Adjustment Stage (Size: 120 mm×140 mm)
The adjustable stage can bring the distance between the sample and the X-ray camera closer. So you can take larger field images.
XDSK200: Aluminum table for option

Special option

Long-size sample support
An opening on the unit side enables long samples to be loaded and unloaded. Contact our sales office for details.


Fields and Applications of X-ray Radiography Non-Destructive Testing

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
Tablets, Capsules, Catheters, Medical pouches, Foreign object in the face mask, Cosmetics
Automobiles and Electric Vehicles
Automotive components, Wire harness, Batteries, Molded plastic parts, Motor, Insert molded parts, Aluminum die casting, Sensor, Mating parts connection
Ball grid array (BGA), Integrated circuit (IC) chip, Connectors, Capacitors, LED, Relays, Printed circuit board (PCB), AC adapter, Light bulbs filament, Electrical cable disconnects, Discharge traces of dielectric breakdown
Advanced Materials
Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymers (CFRP), Insulation material, Carbon, Dissimilar material joint, Contamination in beryllium
Precision Conponents
Probe, Bearing, Mating of plastic parts, Spring position
Creatures and Plants
Laboratory rats, Seeds, Flowers, Shell, Bone, Insects, Rice
Microscopic foreign matter contamination, Voids in welding, Plastic bottle, Sealing of cans

FAQ for performance of X-Ray Inspection System

X-Ray Inspection System FAQ


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