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  • AMJ series | High Voltage Amplifier | Matsusada Precision
  • AMJ series_20W | High Voltage Amplifier | Matsusada Precision
  • AMJ series_30W-40W | High Voltage Amplifier | Matsusada Precision


Ultra Compact and Fast Response

  • Voltage range:
    ±0.5 to ±4 kV
  • Current:
    ±10 to ±80 mA
  • Power: 20 to 40 W
  • Slew rate 150V/ps
CE marking  Only for some models with option are applied to CE.


AMJ series is a benchtop size, fast response high voltage amplifier.
It provides high voltage and fast response according to its input waveforms including Sine, Triangle, Saw tooth, Square and more.
AMJ series, a high voltage amplifier with the all-solid-state design, features output voltage ±0.5 kV to ±4 kV, bandwidth DC to 75kHz with a broad lineup of models and specifications.


  • Ultra compact
  • High speed response 75 kHz max
  • Various types of output waveforms according to the input wave
  • DC bias function
  • DC output voltage monitor (3.5-digit digital meter)


High voltage amplifier converts input voltage to high voltage waveform as it is as shown in fig. These days the demand of high voltage amplifier is growing more and more, and now becoming an indispensable tool for research and development, experiments and integrating to a system for such fields as electronics, physics, biochemical and medical industries. With high voltage technologies Matsusada Precision Inc. manufactures various high voltage amplifiers to meet all requirements from customers.

High voltage amplifier | Matsusada Precision


High voltage amplifier is generally equipped with the "sink" function for output currents that provides constant voltage operation without regard to the type of load whether it is capacitive or conductive.
As it gives fast response, it is an ideal power supply for applications which require AC output. Matsusada Precision high voltage amplifiers are all bipolar type and can be operated in full four-quadrant area. (I, · II, · III, · IV, and area)

Output range


Slew rate | Matsusada Precision

The responsivity of our high speed amplifier is determined with slew rate (SR). The step responsivity of our amplifier is as shown in fig. SR = ΔV/μs In case of output amplitude is smaller the response time become shorter. AMP series reach to greater than SR = 700 V/μs at maximum.


Step response can be indicated with rise time. (fig)
Usually the rise time of amplifier of response (= bandwidth) fc (Hz) is given by a formula below. tr 0.35/fc The fall time tf is equals to tr.

Rise time (step response) | Matsusada Precision



Model Output voltage
Output current
Output power
Slew rate Frequency response
[-3 dB]
AMJ-0.5B40 -0.5 to +0.5 kV 40 mA 20 W 150 V/µs DC to 75 kHz
AMJ-0.5B80 * -0.5 to +0.5 kV 80 mA 40 W DC to 75 kHz
AMJ-1B20 -1 to +1 kV 20 mA 20 W DC to 40 kHz
AMJ-1B40 * -1 to +1 kV 40 mA 40 W DC to 40 kHz
AMJ-1.5B20 * -1.5 to +1.5 kV 20 mA 30 W DC to 25 kHz
AMJ-2B10 -2 to +2 kV 10 mA 20 W DC to 18 kHz
AMJ-2B20 * -2 to +2 kV 20 mA 40 W DC to 18 kHz
AMJ-4B10 * -4 to +4 kV 10 mA 40 W DC to 9 kHz

*: Conform to CE marking with -CE option selected.


For details, download the datasheet below.

Notice of POWER switch changes

We inform you of the power switch changes on the front panel as in the diagram below for shipment from June, 2020.

Before After
Push button switch
Push button switch
Rocker switch
Rocker switch

For further information, please contact our sales representatives.



Overcurrent value setting function
The overcurrent limit level is set by external voltage +0.5 Vdc to +10.5 Vdc.. When this option is chosen, please be sure to output, where external voltage is impressed to AMJ.
BNC terminal is supplied on the front panel.


Output state auto-recovery
(former: no power failure protection)
The output can be turned ON/OFF linked with the input voltage.


Output current monitor
Output voltage: -10 V to +10 V from BNC terminal on the front panel
The Output impedance is 1 kΩ up to 2 kHz of bandwidth.


Changing the output cable length to be 5 meters
Change the length of the High-voltage output non-shielded cable standard 1.5 meters to 5 meters.


Conform to CE marking
For availavle models, see “Models”.
The product is designed to be installed in the customer’s system and so as to meet the requirements of CE marking regarding chassis mounting, noise control, proper protections, and isolated devices. It is not designed to perform alone.

-LCs, -L1 options can be chosen only one either.

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. in the following order by alphabet, number, and output cable length to Model No. Please add -CE to the end. (Selecting -LCs and -L1 together are unavailable.)
<Example> AMJ-4B10-LCsN(5m), AMJ-0.5B40-LN1(5m)
<Example of ordering -CE option> AMJ-4B10-CE, AMJ-0.5B80-LN1(5m)-CE


AC input cable
CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision Rated voltage: 125V
Maximum current: 10A
(For Japan or North America)
2.5 meters
Sold separately
(usable at 200 V input)
CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision CABLE series | AC input cable | Matsusada Precision Rated voltage: 250V
Maximum current: 10A
(For Europe)
2.5 meters

Select an appropriate AC input cable according to your operating environment and region.
Please note that other than AC input cables that correspond to the following are to be prepared by customers.
See CABLE series datasheet for details.

High voltage output cable
Standard CN-40-AHVP CN-40-AHVP 1.5 meters
(only for -L(5m) option)
CN-40-AHVP(5) 5 meters

See CN series datasheet for details.

Function Generator


For details, download the datasheet below.


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