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Matsusada Precision will refer to four examples of high voltage amplifier applications.


Balanced electric discharge toward photoreceptor drum

Corona discharge is used to charge the photoreceptor drum. Matsusada Precision's COR series offers accurate control of the drum current. For examples of Electrophotography (xerography) applications, please click here.

corona discharge unit and photo sensitive unit

Plasma generation at atmospheric pressure

The high voltage corona discharge enables the plasma generation even at atmospheric pressure. It is perfect for use as a voltage source.

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plasma generator

Piezo element power

It is capable of piezo driving with high voltage as well as high response. There are also other high performance piezo drivers dedicated for piezo driving system.

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piezo driver and piezo actuator

Application of high voltage to electrical material

As the series provides more features such as changing the high voltage at high speed, it is suitable for inspection and testing of changes in material properties or withstand voltage.

Application of high voltage to electrical material
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