• eK-FG2 series | Digital Function Generator | Matsusada Precision
  • eK-FG2 series | Digital Function Generator | Matsusada Precision

Ultra compact Digital Function Generator

  • Frequency range:
    0.01 Hz to 1 MHz
  • Maximum amplitude:
    20 Vp-p (@1 kΩ = RL)
    7.5 Vp-p (@50 Ω = RL)
  • 1.38-inch (35 mm) wide
  • High-end signal output

Best cost performance by digital function generator

For the best use of space, eK-FG2 that is a 1.38-inch (35 mm) wide ultra compact function generator with 2-ch output has no user interface from the eK-FGJ.
So, you can use the two function generators properly on different purposes like research and development with FGJ or inspection with FG2. Thus, the series enables you to improve the work environment for development and research, which will lead to the cost reduction as well as space saving.

Connect eK-FG2 with PC to DJOP10-5

* The picture shows an example application with DJOP10-5.

If a different output is used instead of DC, 0 V and 0 A will be displayed since the unit is dedicated to displaying DC output in DJOP series.


  • Together with eK-FGJ, high-end signal output in a compact body
  • Programming operation with control software
  • Easy operating exclusive control software as standard equipment


Model Frequency range Number of channels Maximum amplitude Offset Output impedance
eK-FG2 0.01 Hz to 1 MHz 2 20 Vp-p (@1 k Ω = RL),
7.5 Vp-p (@50 Ω = RL)
+ / -10 V (no load) 50 Ω


The series offers the synchronous waveform output in two power supplies

connect eK-FGJ to two bipolar power supply with load

It is possible to apply the opposite synchronous waveform output by positive or negative toward motors or dielectric materials.

the opposite synchronous waveform

In the series, the synchronous output is available where the two waveforms follow the same patterns in terns of the respective cycle and sweeping start point. Besides, the phase shift is also available where one phase is shifted differing from the other.

Synchronous Output

It is designed to control the two waveforms by making them the same in terms of the cycles and the sweeping start point.

the two waveforms before scontrol
the two waveforms after control

Phase Shift

The output timing is arranged by moving the phase of your choice.

the two waveforms before control
one phase is shifted differing from the other


For details, download the datasheet below.


Easy operating exclusive control software as standard equipment

Sequence Programming Screen

Channel 1 (Ch1) and channel 2 (Ch2) can each output signals independently. The output waveform can also be selected as an arbitrary waveform created with dedicated waveform editing software. (Only one arbitrary waveform can be selected at a time for both Ch1 and Ch2.)

Programming Screen in control software

Arbitrary Waveform Generation

Positive and negative outputs are available respectively. Wide varieties of waveforms are available by generating according to the composition methods.

* Concerning the configuration data used for the output, the reproduction may not always coincide with the actual output waveforms.

The series offers the composition consisting of a sine wave and an amplitude which have different patterns and readily provides the waveform generation.

Arbitrary Waveform Generation in control software

The composition is also available by setting the specified range.

Arbitrary Waveform Generation in control software

They can be added, subtracted, and multiplied.

Arbitrary Waveform Generation in control software

Output value from the function generator can be converted and set based on our bipolar power supplies.

software screen in amlitude setting


For details, download the datasheet below.


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