High Voltage Amplifiers (High Voltage Pulse Power Supplies) SK series

  • SK series
  • SK series
  • SK series
  • SK series
  • SK series
  • SK series
  • SK series
  • SK series

SK series

High Voltage and High Speed Pulse Power Supply

  • Max Voltage: 300V to 10kV
  • Rise time of pulse voltage: 15ns
  • High speed response
  • Perfect for Pulse Impression

These are perfect for Pulse Impression with High Speed to SEM, MASS, MCP Electrodes, etc.

SK series is ultra-high speed and high power Pulse Power Supply developed with our technology and know-how as a professional manufacturer of high voltage power supply. They are best-fitted power supplies for high speed impression of pulse in wide field such as defection of electron beam and ion beam or measurement of radiated light, PMT and MCP.

Features and Benefits

  • High speed response
  • High power design applicable in low impedance
  • High reliability and long life with all solid-state
  • Ultra compact and light weight design
  • Wide lineup of 300 V to 10 kV. Selectable best fitted model according to its usage


  • Impression of pulse to TOF-MASS
  • MCP
  • Electronic shutter
  • Bio-chip
  • Inspection of insulating material
  • Electronic gun
  • Various gate electrodes


Positive Polarity Output

Model Output Voltage [kV]
SK-0.3P 0.3
SK-0.4P 0.4
SK-0.5P 0.5
SK-1P 1
SK-2P 2
SK-5P 5
SK-10P 10

Negative Polarity Output

Model Output Voltage [kV]
SK-0.3N 0.3
SK-0.4N 0.4
SK-0.5N 0.5
SK-1N 1
SK-2N 2
SK-5N 5
SK-10N 10



Input voltage: 200 V to 240 Vac ±10% single phase 50/60 Hz

How to Order

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