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  • EZD series
  • EZD series
  • EZD series
  • EZD series
  • EZD series
  • EZD series
  • EZD series

EZD series

Multi-Function DC Electronic Load

  • Max Voltage: 650V
  • Max Current: 16.5A to 100A
  • Max Power: 330W to 2000W
  • Operation up to 9kW with boosters

650Vdc input, standard sequence function


Seven load modes;
Constant current (CC) mode, Constant resistance (CR) mode, Constant Power (CP) mode, Constant voltage (CV) mode, CC mode + CV mode, CR mode + CV mode, CP mode + CV mode
Values of current, voltage, power displaying on a large LCD screen
Switching mode, two sequence modes designed for various testing
Parallel operation of master/slave control (available in various combinations with differing capacities and models)
Highest-capacity 9 kW brought by boosters
Maximum 16 units (16 kW) with a digital interface

Main applications

  • Current load testing of power supplies
  • Discharge testing of batteries and capacitors
  • Testing of charge/discharge devices
  • Surge absorption of motors


Models Rated voltage [V] Rated current [A] Rated power [W]
EZD650V-330W 650 16.5 330
EZD650V-1000W 50 1000

Rated power Booster (for slave units) coming soon

Models Rated voltage[V] Rated current [A] Rated power [W]
EZD650V-2000WB 650 100 2000

* A single slave operation is not allowed.


Multi-operating mode

EZD series is available with the following seven operation modes.

  1. Constant current (CC) mode
  2. Constant resistance (CR) mode
  3. Constant Power (CP) mode
  4. Constant voltage (CV) mode
  5. CC mode + CV mode
  6. CR mode + CV mode
  7. CP mode + CV mode

Switching mode

The mode periodically changes the setting between the upper and lower limit values. The function is available in CC, CR, CP, and CV modes.

Upper limit and Lower limit

Note: Setting

Upper limits and lower limits
As of the above seven electronic load modes, the settings of the values are respectively provided with their own operation modes and ranges.
(The lower limit is to be set within a range where it does not exceed the upper limit.)
Setting range: 1 Hz to 4 kHz
Setting resolution: 0.1 Hz
Duty ratio
Setting range: 5% to 95%
Setting resolution: 0.1%
Slew rate (in CC mode)
Model Range Setting range Setting resolution
EZ650V-1000W H 0.8A/µs to 0.08A/µs 0.001A/µs
80 mA/µs to 8 mA/µs 0.1 mA/µs
8 mA/µs to 0.8 mA/µs 0.01 mA/µs
0.8 mA/µs to 0.08 mA/µs 0.001 mA/µs
L 80 mA/µs to 8 mA/µs 0.1 mA/µs
8 mA/µs to 0.8 mA/µs 0.01 mA/µs
0.8 mA/µs to 0.08 mA/µs 0.001 mA/µs
80µA/µs to 8µA/µs 0.1µA/µs
EZ650V-330W H 0.26A/µs to 0.026A/µs 0.001A/µs
260 mA/µs to 26 mA/µs 0.1 mA/µs
26 mA/µs to 0.26 mA/µs 0.01 mA/µs
0.26 mA/µs to 0.026 mA/µs 0.001 mA/µs
L 26 mA/µs to 2.6 mA/µs 0.1 mA/µs
2.6 mA/µs to 0.26 mA/µs 0.01 mA/µs
0.26 mA/µs to 0.026 mA/µs 0.001 mA/µs
26µA/µs to 2.6µA/µs 0.1µA/µs

Master/slave control

In EZD series, the operations of up to five units are performed as a single system as long as these types have the same rated voltage. (The series requires optional dedicated cables for the connection.)

The master unit indicates the total values which are obtained from the connected units setting and monitoring as setting and monitoring values. In order to gain the highest capacities up to 9 kW, Model EZD650V-1000W should be selected for a master unit, and Model EZD650V-2000WB is also to be selected for four slave units.

All five Model EZD650V-1000W units

Master/slave control with EZD-MS cable

The DC electronic load is available with a capacity of 5 kW.

A Model EZD650V-1000W unit and four Model EZD650V-2000WB units

Master/slave control with EZD-MS cable

The DC electronic load is available with a capacity of 9 kW.

Sequence control

EZD series has two types of sequence functions. They are available in CC, CR, CP, and CV modes.

The sequence pattern is readily created through the front panel and the exclusive software. The program can save two sequence patterns of the fast sequence as well as 10 patterns of the normal sequence at maximum in the EZD unit, and can also be recalled at any time.

Fast sequence

The function performs the steps to move to the setting values for a certain fixed period.

  • The setting is available with 1,024 steps at maximum.
  • Repeat count: 1 to 10000 times or infinity
Fast sequence
  • Setting range: 10 µs to 1000 ms
  • Setting resolution: 100 µs

Normal sequence

The waveform pattern is generated with ramp waveforms and step waveforms.

  • Up to 256 steps can be programmed.
  • Repeat count: 1 to 10000 times or infinity
Fast sequence
  • Setting range: 10 ms to 1000 h
  • Setting resolution (Applicable scope):
    • 1 ms (1 ms to 1 min)
    • 100 ms (1 min to 1 h)
    • 1 s (1 h to 10 h)
    • 10 s (10 h to 100 h)
    • 1 min (100 h to 999 h 59 min)


The unit drops in the low impedance.

  • CC mode: maximum current of the setting range
  • CR mode: minimum resistance of the setting range
  • The current value when in short is limited according to the setting of the protection function.

Digital Interface

With USB/LAN (Ethernet)*/RS-232C/RS-485/GPIB digital, the digital control is available with GPIB. Another function of EZD series that is used as a DC electronic load is provided by connecting EZDs up to 16 units (16 kW). The function can also be used together with the master/slave units.

* Ethernet is a registered trademark of Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Digital Interface with CO-M cable
(A) CO-M cable
As of models without interface options, a two-meter cable is provided in each unit.
If you need a longer cable, please consult with our sales staff.

External control function

Using the control terminals on the back of the panel, the setting change and the monitoring of the load status are provided.

  • Setting control of each load by the external voltage or the external resistance
  • Range switching
  • FAULT input
  • Input current monitor
  • Input voltage monitor
  • Status signal output (LOAD ON/OFF, FAULT, SHORT)

Memory function

EZD series has both a preset memory and 99 setup memories. So, you can easily save and call the memory.


Front Panel Display

EZD series front panel display
  1. LOAD ON display (LOAD LED)
  2. LOAD ON/OFF switch
  3. Rotary encoder
  4. MODE key: It changes the operating mode. (CV/CC/CR/CP)
  5. RANGE key: It changes the operating range. (L/H with CC mode, L/M/H with CR mode)
  6. SET key: Setting screen of current, resistance, power, voltage, and overpower protection is shown.
  7. MEM (Memory) key: Memory menu of registration or call is available with the key.
  8. FUNCTION key
  9. ENTER key: It is used to confirm settings of memory registration, call, and CONFIGURATION menus.
  10. LOCK key: It disables the key operation.
  11. SHORT key: As the SHIFT function is enabled, it switches ON/OFF of the SHORT function.
  12. SHIFT key: It enables or disables the SHIFT function.
  13. MENU key
  14. Direction key (Up)
  15. Direction key (Left)
  16. Direction key (Right)
  17. Direction key (Down)


-LGob: Optical Interface Board *

  • -LGob: Optical interface board + optical cable 2 m
  • -LGob (Fc5): Optical interface board + optical cable 5 m
  • -LGob (Fc10): Optical interface board + optical cable 10 m
  • -LGob (Fc20): Optical interface board + optical cable 20 m
  • -LGob (Fc40): Optical interface board + optical cable 40 m

Isolation control is performed by optical communication. The complete isolation is performed by means of optical fiber. This enables advance prevention of erroneous operation involved with transient phenomenon caused by surges, inductive lightning, external noise, etc.

When these options are selected, the standard digital interface is not included.

* For further information about optical interface, USB interface, RS-232C interface, and digital interface, refer to our brochure or datasheet as of CO/USB series Digital Controller

Digital Interface with CO-opt cable

In case the power supply is used under the following conditions, please select the -LGob option.

  • Noisy environment including factories. (Example: Motors or coils are used near loads or power supplies.)
  • Use with high voltage floating (more than 250 V)
  • There is a more than 2 m distance between power supply and controller (PL or PLC) produced by Matsusada Precision for installation.



125 V/10 A (Included as standard)


250 V/10 A (Sold separately)


250 V/10 A (Sold separately)



EZD-MS cable 1
Master/slave communications cable 55 cm
EZD-MS cable 2
Master/slave communications cable 30 cm
Metal fitting for rack-mount unit 3U
The metal fittings are attached to the left and right sides on the front panel of the rack mounting unit in 3U, 19-inch rack.


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