• DOPF series
  • DOPF series

DOPF series

Four-Quadrant and High Speed Bipolar Power Supply

  • Max. Voltage: ±5V to ±300V
  • Max. Current: ±1A to ±120A
  • Max. Power: 150W to 2kW
  • Frequency bandwidth: DC to 30kHz
  • A built-in function generator

More user-friendly and convenient

DOPF series is a four-quadrant and high-speed bipolar amplifier with a built-in function generator, which improves the operations.

Any waveform can be programmed easily on the front panel, and necessary functions are all available in term of sequence, measurement, memory setting, and protection besides waveform.
Moreover, equipped with the control signal output of parallel operation as standard, full synchronized operation is achieved even with high speed. DOPF series integrated with signal generator in four quadrants offers variations in experiments and evaluation tests.

Features and Benefits

  • DOPS series which is four-quadrant high speed bipolar power supply is now available with integrated function generator.
  • Waveform with less distortion by DDS method (DC to 30 kHz sin wave, rectangular wave, and triangular wave)
  • DC and AC output can be programmed individually, which make the unit user-friendly with its simple operation.
  • External control is available with communication options (USB, LAN, RS-232C, RS-485, and GPIB).
  • LCD display uses high contrast white LED backlight for high visibility.

Four-quadrant operation

  • Vo max: rated output voltage
  • Io max: rated output current
This image is graph.legend

DC and AC output control external control

DC and AC output control external control


  • Driving capacitive loads (capacitors)
  • Biasing inductive loads (coils, transformers, etc.)
  • Motor testing
  • Power conditioners
  • Evaluation test for solar panel related devices

This product is not designed for charge and discharge of battery.
Please contact nearby sales if unit is used for charge and discharge application.


Model Maximum output Frequency response (-3 dB)
Voltage [V] Current [A] Power [W]
DOPF5-30 ±5 ±30 150 DC to 20
DOPF5-60 ±5 ±60 300 DC to 20
DOPF6-120 ±6 ±120 720 DC to 20
DOPF10-15 ±10 ±15 150 DC to 20
DOPF10-30 ±10 ±30 300 DC to 20
DOPF10-60 ±10 ±60 600 DC to 20
DOPF20-7.5 ±20 ±7.5 150 DC to 20
DOPF20-15 ±20 ±15 300 DC to 20
DOPF20-30 ±20 ±30 600 DC to 20
DOPF20-60 ±20 ±60 1200 DC to 20
DOPF20-100 ±20 ±100 2000 DC to 20
DOPF25-6 ±25 ±6 150 DC to 30
DOPF25-12 ±25 ±12 300 DC to 30
DOPF25-24 ±25 ±24 600 DC to 30
DOPF25-48 ±25 ±48 1200 DC to 20
DOPF25-80 ±25 ±80 2000 DC to 20
DOPF30-40 ±30 ±40 1200 DC to 20
DOPF45-3.3 ±45 ±3.3 150 DC to 20
DOPF45-6.6 ±45 ±6.6 300 DC to 20
DOPF45-13.3 ±45 ±13.3 600 DC to 20
DOPF45-16 ±45 ±16 720 DC to 20
DOPF45-26.7 ±45 ±26.7 1200 DC to 20
DOPF45-44.4 ±45 ±44.4 2000 DC to 20
DOPF60-2.5 ±60 ±2.5 150 DC to 20
DOPF60-5 ±60 ±5 300 DC to 20
DOPF60-10 ±60 ±10 600 DC to 20
DOPF60-20 ±60 ±20 1200 DC to 20
DOPF60-33.3 ±60 ±33.3 2000 DC to 20
DOPF70-17 ±70 ±17 1200 DC to 20
DOPF80-25 ±80 ±25 2000 DC to 20
DOPF120-2.5 ±120 ±2.5 300 DC to 20
DOPF120-5 ±120 ±5 600 DC to 20
DOPF120-10 ±120 ±10 1200 DC to 20
DOPF150-2 ±150 ±2 300 DC to 20
DOPF150-4 ±150 ±4 600 DC to 20
DOPF150-8 ±150 ±8 1200 DC to 20
DOPF200-1.5 ±200 ±1.5 300 DC to 20
DOPF200-1.75 ±200 ±1.75 350 DC to 20
DOPF200-3 ±200 ±3 600 DC to 20
DOPF200-3.5 ±200 ±3.5 700 DC to 20
DOPF200-6 ±200 ±6 1200 DC to 20
DOPF300-1 ±300 ±1 300 DC to 20
DOPF300-2 ±300 ±2 600 DC to 20
DOPF300-4 ±300 ±4 1200 DC to 20


Fundamental wave generated function

The DOPF is equipped with a built in function generator that produces sine, rectangular, and triangle waves. Frequency range can be set between 0.01 Hz and 20 kHz (30 kHz is available for some models). In addition, the easy adjustments of amplitude, initial phase (sine wave), switching/cutoff phase setting (sine wave), and duty cycle (rectangular wave, triangular wave) are possible, making it very convenient for a variety of evaluation tests and applications.

Initial phase Initial phase
Switching phase Switching phase
Cutoff phase Cutoff phase


Power-on test, rush current measurement, wave fluctuation test, etc.

Sequence functions *

DOPF is equipped with a sequence function that can program step length, step amplitude, ramp, CV/CC mode, sequence-ending setting, AC superposition, step jump, number of jump, etc. Any desired waveform can be generated making it useful for various experiment, evaluation, and validation applications.

  • Setting length: 10 ms to 1999 s 999 ms (resolution: 1 ms), Ramp and AC waveform is 50 ms.
  • Setting up to 16 steps per program, and saving the setting for three programs
  • Can be set CV/CC mode per program
  • Frequency: Infinite, 1 to 999
Program image
Program image

Complicated waveforms such as below can be easily generated just by using the sequence function.

Pulse current variation Pulse current variation
Ripple current superposition Ripple current superposition
AC voltage/frequency variaton AC voltage/frequency variaton
DC voltage interuuption DC voltage interuuption


motor testing, pulse power supplies, or various evaluation equipment, etc.

* If amplifier's output cuts off while it is running a sequence program half-way-through, the leftover sequence will not run but it is re-activated from the beginning of the original sequence.

Measurement functions

DOPF is equipped with measurement functions that measure DC value, AC RMS value, Max value, and Min. value. Thus wide frequency ranges, DC to 20 kHz, can be measured automatically, and it is easy to change the setting depending on application.
Besides, there is no need for choosing options, and it is easy to change the setting depening on the application.

(Example) measures AC waveform

Measurement functions1
(Example) measures DC + AC waveformMeasurement functions2

Memory function

DOPF is equipped with both preset and set-up memory.
During fundamental wave operation, output voltage (at CV mode), Output current (at CC mode), CV/CC setting, and waveform setting can be saved to 10 set-up memories. Also, sequence programs can be saved in up to 3 programs, which is useful for operations regarding multiple waveforms more often-used or sequence function. Data changes can be saved and data called out very easily.

DOPF is also equipped with a Protection function, Key-lock function, and CV/CC crossover, as standard.


For details, download the datasheet below.


* These options cannot be selected together.

-LD: Interlock

-LEt: LAN interface board *

Digital control via LAN

Control items

Output ON/OFF, Voltage/Current setting (AC and DC), Switch of Constant Voltage/Constant Current, Frequency setting, Waveform setting (sine wave, square wave, and triangular wave), phase setting (sine wave), Duty setting (square wave and triangular wave)

-LF: Floating ground (withstanding voltage of 200 Vdc)

The negative terminal of the output can be floatable up to 200 V. However, please take note that external control signal source (such as function wave generator) and the common for the measuring device that connects to amplifier's monitor terminal will also become floating potential in this case.

-LGob: Optical interface board *

With optical communication, isolation control is performed. As complete isolation is performed by means of optical fiber, this enables advance prevention of erroneous operation involved with transient phenomenon caused by surges, inductive lightning, external noise, etc.

Control items

Output ON/OFF, Voltage/Current setting (AC and DC), Switch of Constant Voltage/Constant Current, Frequency setting, Waveform setting (sine wave, square wave, and triangular wave), phase setting (sine wave), Duty setting (square wave and triangular wave)

(The converters are required sold separately. Please contact our sales staff for details.)

  • -LGob: Optical interface board + optical cable 2 m
  • -LGob(Fc5): Optical interface board + optical cable 5 m
  • -LGob(Fc10): Optical interface board + optical cable 10 m
  • -LGob(Fc20): Optical interface board + optical cable 20 m
  • -LGob(Fc40): Optical interface board + optical cable 40 m

When using the power supply under the following conditions, please select the -LGob option.

  • Noisy environment including factories (Example: Motors or coils are used near power supplies and loads)
  • Using with high voltage floating (more than 250 V)
  • The installation distance between power supply and controller (PL or PLC) produced by Matsusada Precision is more than two meters.

Adapters (separately sold)

An adapter is required separately, when using the Adapter. The following adapters are available according to the connection method between PC and sequencer.

CO-E32: Adapter for LAN
Total 32 units can be connected to one CO-E32.
LAN cable is not provided.
USB-OPT: Adapter for USB
Total 32 units can be connected to one USB-OPT.
USB cable is not provided.
CO-OPT2-9: Adapter for RS-232C (9 pin)
Total 32 units can be connected to each CO-OPT2-9.
CO-OPT2-25: Adapter for RS-232C (25 pin)
Total 32 units can be connected to each CO-OPT2-25.
CO-OPT4-25: Adapter for RS-485 (25 pin)
Total 32 units can be connected to each CO-OPT4-25.
CO-G32: Adapter for GPIB
Total 32 units can be connected to one CO-G32.
GPIB cable is not provided.

For details, refer to CO/USB series datasheet.

(B) CO-opt Cable
As of models with -LGob option, a two-meter cable is provided in each unit. If you need longer cable, please consult with our sales staff.

-LMsm, -LMss: Master/slave control

"-LMsm" for Master unit, or "-LMss" for slave unit Maximum 2 slave units can be connected to the master unit. As the master and slave units individually adopt the dedicated settings, the switching of the two units is not allowed. When you control the master/slave operation via the USB communication while using the option in combination with -LUs1option, make sure that the master unit should select -LUs1 option only. As for the slave unit, -LUs1 option is unnecessary. On the other hand, however, if you use USB communication to control the slave unit only, -LUs1 option is required in the slave unit.

-LS: Remote switch/output ON/OFF

-LUs1: USB interface board *

Digital control via USB

Control items

Output ON/OFF, Voltage/Current setting (AC and DC), Switch of Constant Voltage/Constant Current, Frequency setting, Waveform setting (sine wave, square wave, and triangular wave), phase setting (sine wave), Duty setting (square wave and triangular wave)

-L(220V): Change of input voltage

200 Vac to 240 Vac ±10% single phase, 50/60 Hz input (150 W, 300 W, and 350 W models only)

How to Order

When ordering, add option No. to the Model No. (Alphabetical and input voltage order)

Corresponding to "Equipment Utilizing High Frequency."

DOPF series is applied to "Equipment Utilizing High Frequency" which shall accept the permission from the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications under Article 100 of the Radio Law. (It is necessary if the output power of the product operation exceeds 500 W with a frequency of 10 kHz.)
For details regarding the application of the permission, please contact general telecommunication bureaus in charge.


For details, download the datasheet below.

Tech Notes

Capacitive Load

When a capacitive load is more than 100 pF (including a stray capacitance of output wire), the resonance in the output may occur. In that case, install 100-ohm (@0.1 μF) to 1000-ohm (@1000 pF) of high voltage resistance in the output in series. Please note that the frequency band will be limited as the formula written in the right figure when an amplifier is used with a capacitive load.
In addition, when an amplifier is used for the use such as a corona discharge, the current which is higher than rating will flow and it will affect the amplifier badly. In this case, as well as the time to use an amplifier with a capacitive load, please install the output resistance and limit the current.

* Please avoid continuous inputting of high frequency signal which reduces output frequency of an amplifier. An amplifier will be broken because of increase of internal loss.

This image explains frequency band when a capacitive load is connected.

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