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  • PZM series | Piezo driver Module | Matsusada Precision
  • PZM series | Piezo driver Module | Matsusada Precision


  • High voltage output models up to 1 kV
  • Output voltage monitor available as standard


PZM series is a compact module type high voltage power supply developed as exclusively to drive for piezo element. Output can be controlled by external signal and protection circuits are full-filled to prevent damage of piezo elements.


  • Best fit to built-in as compact module type
  • Low ripple
  • High stability
  • Equipped overcurrent protection circuit



Model Output voltage [Vdc] Output current Response speed Output
Rated Imean *1 Peak
Ip ≤ 10 ms
Sine wave (-3 dB) Rising time *2
Load resistance 1 µF load △V = 100 V 0 to Max. voltage
PZM-0.1P(A) 0 to 100 V 30 mA 42 mA DC to 10 kHz DC to 130 Hz 2.4 ms 2.4 ms 51 Ω
PZM-0.15P(A) 0 to 150 V 20 mA 28 mA DC to 6 kHz DC to 60 Hz 3.6 ms 5.4 ms 100 Ω
PZM-0.3P(A) 0 to 300 V 10 mA 14 mA DC to 3 kHz DC to 15 Hz 7.2 ms 30 ms 200 Ω
PZM-0.6P(A) 0 to 600 V 6.6 mA 9 mA DC to 2 kHz DC to 5 Hz 15.5 ms 94 ms 300 Ω
PZM-1P(A) 0 to 1000 V 3.3 mA 4.5 mA DC to 2 kHz DC to 1.5 Hz 31 ms 311 ms 500 Ω
  1. Output Current for DC is 50% of rated current.
  2. Approximate value at 1µF load. Calculated from the peak output current (possible to output within 10 ms) (Tr = C Vp-p/Ip). If calculated Tr is exceeds the maximum time (10 ms) to output the peak current, to be calculated from Tr' = Tr Ip/Imean.


For details, download the datasheet below.


Connection diagram

For details, download the datasheet below.


For details, download the datasheet below.


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