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  • PZM-A series | Piezo driver Module | Matsusada Precision
  • PZM-A series | Piezo driver Module | Matsusada Precision


  • Best compact module type for built-in device
  • Response of inrush current from high capacitive load

High reliability built-in piezo driver

PZM-A series is a compact piezo driver that is ideal for driving wide varieties of piezo-electric elements. The available output voltage is 0 to 150 V, as well as the bipolar type of -75 V to +75 V. Both models are designed to have a protection circuit for abrupt peak current, thus compatible with inrush current from the high capacitive load. Excellent low noise and compactness of the driver can significantly help customers to design the end product to achieve a smaller footprint.


  • Best fit to built-in as compact module type.
  • Output peak current is 50 mA max.
  • High reliability by various protections.



Models Output Response speed Output
Voltage [Vdc] Current Sine wave Rising time *1
Ip ≤ 10 ms
at 16 µF load,
output voltage 37.5 mVp-p
△V = 100V 0 to Max. voltage
PZM-0.15PA 0 to +150 V 20 mA 50 mA DC to 100 Hz *2 2 ms 3 ms 44 Ω
PZM-0.075BA -75 to +75 V 20 mA 50 mA DC to 100 Hz *2 2 ms 1.5 ms 44 Ω
  1. Approximate value at 1µF load. Calculated from the peak output current (possible to output within 10 ms)(Tr = C, Vp-p/Ip)
    If calculated Tr is exceeds the maximum time (10 ms) to output the peak current, to be calculated from Tr' = Tr, Ip/Imean.
  2. The frequency characteristic in the rating output of PZM-A connected to load resistance is DC to 5 kHz.


For details, download the datasheet below.


Connection diagram

For details, download the datasheet below.


For details, download the datasheet below.


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