• PZ series | Piezo Actuator | Matsusada Precision
  • PZ series | Piezo Actuator | Matsusada Precision


  • Maximum generating force:
    800N to 19000N
  • Maximum stroke:
    22µm to 110µm
  • High accuracy displacement control



  • Possible to high accuracy displacement control with displacement sensors (strain gauges) mounted (prepared models without displacement sensor as option)
  • Excellent environmentally resistant with metallic package
  • Wide line-up as 40 models



Case that max. impressed voltage is loaded on PZ12-32.

Hysteresis is 10% to 15%

Piezo Actuator PZ, reference data | Matsusada Precision


Displacement in ( ) are values for closed-loop control with our PZJ- 0.12BS series.

Model Case Length Capacitance Displacement ΦF
(outside diameter)*1
PZ12-32 32 mm 1.4 µF 22 µm(15 µm) 12 mm
PZ12-52 52 mm 2.8 µF 44 µm(30 µm)
PZ12-72 72 mm 4.2 µF 66 µm(45 µm)
PZ12-92 92 mm 5.6 µF 88 µm(60 µm)
PZ12-112 112 mm 7 µF 110 µm(75 µm)
Model Case Length Capacitance Displacement ΦF
(outside diameter)*1
PZ20-45 45 mm 5.4 µF 22 µm(15 µm) 20 mm
PZ20-65 65 mm 10.8 µF 44 µm(30 µm)
PZ20-85 85 mm 16.2 µF 66 µm(45 µm)
PZ20-105 105 mm 21.6 µF 88 µm(60 µm)
PZ20-125 125 mm 27.0 µF 110 µm(75 µm)
Model Case Length Capacitance Displacement ΦF
(outside diameter)*1
PZ28-45 45 mm 11 µF 22 µm(15 µm) 28 mm
PZ28-65 65 mm 22 µF 44 µm(30 µm)
PZ28-85 85 mm 33 µF 66 µm(45 µm)
PZ28-105 105 mm 44 µF 88 µm(60 µm)
PZ28-125 125 mm 55 µF 110 µm(75 µm)
Model Case Length Capacitance Displacement ΦF
(outside diameter)*1
PZ45-45 45 mm 30 µF 22 µm(15 µm) 45 mm
PZ45-65 65 mm 60 µF 44 µm(30 µm)
PZ45-85 85 mm 90 µF 66 µm(45 µm)
PZ45-105 105 mm 120 µF 88 µm(60 µm)
PZ45-125 125 mm 150 µF 110 µm(75 µm)

*1 Tolerance: ±0.05 mm, ±20% for capacitance.


For details, download the datasheet below.



Ball "Adapter" (mounted on tapped screw on the top)

Piezo Actuator PZ option
Shape PZ12 PZ20 PZ28 PZ45
K SR5 SR17 SR25 SR25

No displacement sensor.


connector for control cable.

How to Order

When ordering, add Option No. to Model No. in alphabetical order.
Example: PZ12-32BN(BNC)

Extension cable is applicable (up to 4 meters)
If extension cables are required, please inform our sale staff its type and length of the cable as bellow.
N (no sensor) and no option: PZ extension cable **(#)
N (no sensor) but with a option: PZN extension cable **(#)
**: not filled = both ends of control cable; LEMO/Filled LB = one end of control cable; BNC/Filled BB = both ends of control cable; BNC
#: Fill digits of the cable length in meter.

How to Order

PZN ext. cable(4): both ends of the cable are LEMO Length is 4 meters.
PZ ext. cableLB(2): one end of cable is BNC Length is 2 meterrs.


For details, download the datasheet below.


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