• PBR Series
  • PBR Series

PBR Series

Regenerative, Bidirectional DC power supply

  • Max. 80 to 500 V
  • Max. 100 to 360 A
  • Max. 10 W, 15 kW
  • Bidirectional operation

Next-generation model with high power and wide output range up 15kW in 19-inch, 3U rack

An increasing demand for EV and hybrid cars is accelerating the development of related equipment such as bidirectional inverters or motors in a wide variety models. Accompanied by such the development where simulation batteries are needed, our power supplies with PBR series have been well received. When compared to existing bidirectional power supplies, the product series is smaller and offers parallel operation that are capable of flexibly responding to diversifying needs of evaluation and testing. Moreover, the bidirectional power supplies of Matsusada Precision are attracting more expectations from solar power and renewable energy technologies in development.

the difference between previous product and PBR series in height

Features and benefits

State-of-the-art semiconductor
In order to minimize the heat generation itself inside the power supply, we adopted the latest device including semiconductor elements of high efficiency via thorough examination. This enables the product to provide such a sufficient cooling function to maximize the high performance.
Air-through Circuit Blocking Technology
Following the structure review of the circuit blocking, the product has been made smaller, and we also have put more focus on the improvement of block arrangement contributing to the space efficiency by extremely reducing the dead space. Consequently, we achieved the significant development of the high-density mounting technology. While extra spaces inside the device had been required to release the heat so far, we successfully made the product even smaller to ensure the total amount of height of a mere 133 mm.

More Space Saving for Better Workplace

The PBR series product which is a perfectly compact sized DC power supply enables you to enhance work environment by saving the space. We have developed the smaller regeneration DC power supply for space saving aimed at installing other measuring tools, which makes effective use of the space at workplace.

Previous Product 100 kW
Previous Product for workplace
PBR 150 kW
PBR for workplace


for all released soon. More lineups will be added at any time.

Model Power running or Regeneration at Maximum
Voltage [VDC] Current [A] Power [kW]
PBR80V240A10kW 80 240 10
PBR80V360A15kW 80 360 15
PBR200V210A15kW Coming soon 200 210 15
PBR500V100A15kW 500 100 15

* The device is designed on the assumption that all regenerated power is consumed on the premises.


Main Functions

Battery Simulator Function (Standard)

In the function, the simulation of I-V curve which is a fundamental feature of battery is provided. The voltage or current value is set at 1001 within the rated voltage or current of the PBR unit. In order to use this function, setting and loading in the PC application attached as standard are needed. Additionally, as many as 100 graph patterns (of I-V curve) are loaded to the PBR unit through this function.

Software as Image
Battery Simulator Function

Battery Simulator Function (Option)

-LAsoc Option can be selected to automatically vary the SOC value following the current integration of output and input.
In this function, if the current continue to be inputted to PBR, SOC will increase. On the other hand, if the current continue to be outputted from PBR, SOC will decrease. This option enables you to conduct more realistic battery simulations.

Sequence Function

The function is available only for power running while it is not applied to the regeneration.

In terms of programmable sequence functions of step time, step amplitude, ramp, CV/CC mode, sequence end setting, step jump, and jump count, the sequence control makes such parameter operations much easier by only using the front panel operation.
As this option enables to generate optional waveforms, you can use a great variety of applications including testing evaluation, and verification.

  • Step setting time 0.1 s to 3,600 s
  • For one program, the setting and saving are available for up to 1,024 steps and 16 patterns of programs at the maximum.
  • CV or CC mode can be set for each program
  • Repetition frequency: infinite, or 1 to 999
Program as Image
Sequence Function

The product is provided with dedicated software to allow a series of configuration using PC. Accordingly, you can use the product with different applications depending on the specification.

Dedicated Software Screen as Image
Sequence Function Dedicated Software Screen

CV or CC Priority Setting Function

CV (constant voltage) priority or CC (constant current) priority mode can be selected and set.
As is the case with diodes, the load tends to suddenly change the resistance at certain points, and if the device is started in CV mode, the current will result in overshoot.
With the PBR series, the occurrence of overshoot can be suppressed by selecting CC priority mode. The function can reduce the risk of damaging expensive loads such as high-power laser diode.

CV priority mode CV priority mode
CC priority mode CC priority mode

* Overshoot is less likely to occur if the value is set to the lowest in the range where the CC state can keep, without releasing the voltage setting even in CC priority mode.

Other functions

Supports Expansion with MASTER/SLAVE Control

Capable of covering a wide output range with parallel connections of up to 10 units in total.

  • Expandable to a total of 10 MASTER and SLAVE units combined.
  • During MASTER/SLAVE connections, values of output voltage/current for the overall unit are displayed on the output voltage/current meter of the MASTER. (Individual output values are not displayed on the output voltage/current meter of each SLAVE.)

Note: Always use cables with uniform thickness and length over the full length for output cables connected to the load from these devices.

[Connection Diagram]

Connection Diagram with MASTER/SLAVE

Dedicated cable for master-slave connection can be also prepared. This is the set of a parallel control cable and a cable with attached shared terminal. go to Master-slave control cable

Sequence Setting Input or Output and Operation Log Output via Front USB Terminal

With this function, you can readily perform not only reading sequence files which are optionally created by users also collecting operating logs.

Software as Image
Sequence Setting Input or Output software

The software is solely used for reading the operating log, and can open the log file outputted from the main unit.

The information on operating log is shown on display in terms of operation time, CC or CV mode, output value (of voltage, current or power), status, and error data.

display with USB memory

Besides, 16 patterns of sequence as well as 100 patterns of I-V curve is loaded from USB memory. The operating log is also outputted to USB memory as well.

Two-mode Lock Function

Can be set by choosing from two setting modes: one is “Full LOCK” to lock all front panel operation, and the other is “Normal LOCK” to lock everything except the OUTPUT ON/OFF switch.

The function is so user-friendly that the “Full LOCK” mode is p rovided to ensure the prevention of erroneous operation, and the "Normal LOCK" function facilitates the emergency stop w hile preventing erroneous operation.

Emergency stop operation using the POWER ON or OFF switch is possible in either mode.


Except for LOCK release, all switches, the touch panel and encoder are locked. It is further effective to prevent the erroneous stop during the remote control and to completely avoid erroneous operation.

Full LOCK function

Normal LOCK

Switches other than OUTPUT ON/OFF, the touch panel, and encoder are locked. It is further effective to prevent the erroneous changes of output values during the remote control and to facilitate emergency stops.

Normal LOCK function

Internal Resistance Variation Function (during CV mode)

Internal resistance is set to an arbitrary value, and a voltage drop is caused by the load current. Batteries, photovoltaic cells, and fuel cells can be simulated.
(The setting range of the internal resistance value is from 0 Ω to the rated voltage/rated current.)

a graph of internal resistance

Sink Current/Sink Current Prevention Function

The power supplies are equipped with a sink current function, making it possible to reduce the voltage quickly when turning off the output or when decreasing the voltage from a high setting value, thereby improving the safety of operation.
In addition, with the sink current function, quick connections can be made after the output is turned OFF, and workpieces can be changed when conducting a series of burn-in tests.

Conversely, when supplying power to loads with capacities such as batteries and capacitors, the sink current prevention function can be used to reduce reverse current flowing from the load side to the power supply side and prevent a drop in load voltage when the output is off or when decreasing the set voltage.

Sink Current
Reverse Current Prevention

Note: Reverse current cannot be controlled and stabilized. Connect a dummy resistor or reverse current prevention diode when load of the reverse voltage is equal to or higher than the rated voltage (inductive loads, regenerative motors, etc.).

Status output

status output

The status output is provided by open collector. It has a floating common terminal which is used for all the status outputs. Use Breakdown voltage 30 V with less than SINK current 5 mA

Output Range

The regeneration has the lower limit of the voltage or current. Contact a sales representative for further information.

Operational range image of PBR80V240A10kW
Operational range image of PBR80V360A15kW
Operational range image of PBR200V210A15kW
Operational range image of PBR500V100A15kW


planning for supporting

-LGob: Optical interface board *

  • -LGob : Optical interface board + 2-meter-long optical cable
  • -LGob (Fc5): Optical interface board + 5-meter-long optical cable
  • -LGob (Fc10): Optical interface board + 10-meter-long optical cable
  • -LGob (Fc20): Optical interface board + 20-meter-long optical cable
  • -LGob (Fc40): Optical interface board + 40-meter-long optical cable

Isolation control is performed by optical communication. As complete isolation is performed by means of optical fiber, this enables advance prevention of erroneous operation comprising transient phenomena resulting from surges, inductive lightning, external noise, etc.

Please purchase a control-side optical communications adapter separately.

USB - optical converter adapter
Model Number: USB-OPT

* Selecting -LCa and -LCk simultaneously is not allowed.

-LCa: CAN interface board *

Output control and operation status monitoring of these devices can be performed using CAN communications.

* Selecting -LGob and -LCk simultaneously is not allowed.

-LCk: CC-Link interface board *

Controlled by CC-Link from a CC-Link master device such as a PLC. Compatible with CC-Link ver1.10, and operates as a CC-Link device station. Two stations are occupied per unit, and a maximum of 32 units can be controlled.

Please refer to materials of the CC-Link Partner Association for detailed specifications of CC-Link.

* Selecting -LCa and -LGob simultaneously is not allowed.

-LAsoc : SOC Automated variable system

The SOC value is automatically varied following the current integration of output and input. In this function, if the current continue to be inputted to PBR, SOC will increase. On the other hand, if the current continue to be outputted from PBR, SOC will decrease. In view of this, it is necessary to prepare the graph patterns (in I-V curve) as the source based on the respective SOC values.

How to Order

To order, please add the above option codes to the model number.


  • PBR80V240A10kW-LGob(Fc10)
  • PBR500V100A15kW-LCk
Also compatible with Modbus communications via RS-232C/485. Contact a sales representative for details.


AC input cable cable Sold separately

  • Model Name: CABLE TYPE 14, CABLE TYPE 15
    • Rated voltage/current: 600 V/58 A
    • Cable length: 10 m
      Contact a sales representative if you would like to extend the cable length.

* Install a breaker between the AC main power supply and the device if necessary in accordance with the local electrical code. Please be sure to contact a sales representative if the PBR series will be used in Europe.

Model Name the side inserted in an electrical outlet he side connected to power supply

* Please install the input terminal by customer


Master-slave control cable Sold separately

  • Model Name: PRT-MS* cable

This cable is a combination of share cable with terminals (see figure) and parallel control cable (LAN cable). The distance between the share terminals is approximately 0.5 m. and, the cable length will be added if necessary based on the number of PBR units.
For example, approximately 0.5 m is required to connect the two PBR units while approximately 1 m is to be used for the three PBRs. As of parallel control cable (LAN cable), a parallel cable is included in the two units or the two cables are in the three units. The ten units include nine parallel cables.

Example of Combination
Two units: Share cable 0.5 m (1) and Parallel control cable 0.5 m (1)
Three units: Share cable 1 m (1) and Parallel control cable 0.5 m (2)
Ten units: Share cable 4.5 m (1) and Parallel control cable 0.5 m (9)

[Example] Share cable for three PBR units.

the picture of cable for connectiong 3 PBR
How to Order
The model name is to be changed depending on the amount of units. When ordering the product, put a number from 2 to 10 in *. For example, 2 should be entered if you use the two PBR units in master/slave control or 10 in using the ten units.


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