Tech Tips

Considerable reduction in tact time and process working time

Do you want to reduce the time for chucking and releasing object?

1. With our original technology of high speed response Matsusada E-chuck power supplies can apply voltage quickly. Chucking is just quick and smooth without time delay.

2. Matsusada E-chuck power supplies have functions not only to turn OFF high voltage,
but also to compulsorily reduce high voltage on the electrostatic chuck, wafer or glass substrate when releasing.

E-chuck power supplies

* Rapid and smooth chucking and releasing can remarkably contribute to reduction in tact time and process working time.

Long life and highly reliable design

Do failures or malfunctions cause extra time and labor?

  1. ECA and EJC use no relays for polarity inversion. For this reason, they are not affected by the contact life of relays, and can be used for long time without failure.
  2. RF filter, which is optionally available, protects power supply from RF noise which can causes a failure or malfunction.

Unique and usefull functions for E-chuck application

The design of Matsusada E-chuck power supplies have various functions such as 2 channel outputs for bi-polar E-chuck, HV output with desired waveform, polarity reversible, forced grounding or relay to separate E-chuck and power supply, and have all the functions required for E-chuck applications. Controls which fit users' required logic is possible.

Opening the relay prevent voltage drop on the chuck while it is transmitted to next process.